What Lights are Best for Badminton Court Lighting

Badminton, one of the most popular sports we play today. Whether we play indoor or outdoor badminton court, a good badminton court lighting environment will undoubtedly bring a more comfortable feeling to the customers. Kanglight specializes in designing lighting systems for sports court lights. If you are a stadium owner, do you know how to better layout the lighting to suit the badminton court? Some people may complain:
Why does the venue’s lighting make me feel uncomfortable?
Badminton court lights not bright enough, etc.
These are the most frequent problems in badminton courts during badminton court operation. Comfort, anti-glare and uniformity are the main factors that influence the lighting effect. Next, we will explore how to better layout the badminton court lighting by analyzing various knowledge of badminton court lighting. There are three modes of general badminton court lighting: natural light, artificial light, and mixed light.

badminton court lighting
badminton court lighting

Various parameters of badminton court lighting

What is the size of the badminton court?

Length width diagonal
doubles (in sports) 13.40m 6.10m 14.723m
singles (sports) 13.40m 5.18 m 14.366m

According to the international standard for sports court requirements, there should be no obstructions within 2 meters of the court. It is important to maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters between the courts.

The relationship between badminton court lighting and height

Therefore, badminton court lighting should be installed at least 9 meters above ground level and equipped with anti-glare devices. 3-6 meters or so of the stadium mostly use row lights. The height of row lights is low, and they lower cost. 6 meters or more, badminton courts are recommended to use LED lights, metal halide lamps, induction lamps, etc. However, the price of these lamps and lanterns will be a little higher, but not easy to break. So it can be a long time without maintenance. And soft and bright light will minimize the stimulation of the eyes, and a low-frequency induction lamp has no glare, no strobe, and long life.

Chandeliers 6-12m
Diwali 3-6m
general stadium 8-15m
professional court 14-15m
fitness and entertainment 8-13m

Badminton court lighting standards

For recreational users, the lux requirement is about 200 lux. Professional users of LED badminton lighting and international competitions require 7501000 Lux. If you need more professional lighting designs, please get in touch with us.Badminton court illumination standard (national standard):Amateur competition (training): 150lx-300lx,General competition: 300lx-500lx,Official competition: 500-750 or more (1500lx).Auditorium: 30lx-100lx.So different badminton court illumination for different purposes, kanglight’s VEGA 2, for example, see the following table (size: 13.4m long, 6.1m wide)

BEAM ANGLE 15/30/60/40*80/90*135
APPLICATION Indoor/Outdoor Sports Field Lighting

Outdoor badminton court lighting

CCT 2700-6500K (Option)
CRI 70/80/90 (Option)
FLICKER No Flicker
DIMMING 0-10V/1-10V/DMX/DALI (Option)
Installation pipe Ø48mm / Ø60mm / Ø76mm
Power Factor >0.95
Class I/II

Factors affecting the quality of badminton court lighting

Lighting Stability

The stability of the outdoor badminton court lighting directly affects human vision. If the outdoor badminton court lighting is unstable, it can impair the athletes’ vision.

Illumination level

Determines if the badminton court lighting arrangement is sufficient to meet international lighting standards. In general, the vertical illumination should not exceed half of the horizontal. This is the ideal badminton court lighting design if the vertical illuminance is equal to the horizontal.


Glare can also be used to measure the quality of badminton court lighting design. This is related to the layout of the installation, height of the installation, amount of light and distance of light. People feel the glare of too much brightness, just like when they look at the sun at noon. If the brightness is too high at one point, it will cause glare.

Even lighting

The difference between background color and brightness is an important factor in measuring lighting quality. Lighting in the arena should be uniform and should not be uneven. This will provide an excellent visual experience for athletes, spectators, and judges.

Heat Dissipation System

Solid and persistent heat can damage the LED chip and reduce the brightness and service life. So try to choose the luminaire with an air convection design.

Badminton court with what light is the best?

badminton court lighting
badminton court lighting

They did not develop the technology to use mostly metal halide lamps in the past. Then in recent years, the continuous improvement of LED gradually replaced the metal halide lamps. Metal halide lamps use a lot of energy and must be preheated. It is possible that after a few hours of turning on the lights, our badminton court will become a sauna.
How the led light for badminton court are placed depends on where the stadium is located. Generally speaking, there are vertical rows of lights in amateur stadiums on both sides. Each side of the stadium can have 3-4 of them. Each light has a good time, some made with care, some shoddy. However, it is impossible to use the two sides of the row of led light for badminton court in international games, which should use to project overhead lights and arrange the overhead lights.

badminton court lighting

Badminton court bank light

The Bank light is one of the oldest lighting fixtures for badminton courts. It can be installed at a height of approximately 3-6 meters and is suitable for low or small badminton courts.
Advantages: good price
Disadvantages: short life / high maintenance cost / overall unattractive

badminton court lighting

Metal Halide Lamps

Although metal halide lamps can be used for badminton court lighting, metal halide lamps consume electricity and have the drawback of a slow start-up time. It takes fifteen minutes to light up fully. Therefore, if you need to restart the fixture due to travel or other accidents, it will delay your business time and make your customers unhappy, leading to customer loss and reduced business profit.
Advantages: good price
Disadvantages: short life / high maintenance cost / long start-up time

badminton court lighting

High suspension fluorescent lamp

Unique reflector with high efficiency of 90-95%. Use them to be the choice of many badminton courts for lighting. But replace led floodlights directly after the emergence of led flood lights.


LED flood light for badminton court

Flexible badminton lighting design, high suspended LED flood light for badminton court can get maximum energy savings. At the same time, LED flood lights have higher lumens and longer life. Compared to traditional HID lamps, they can achieve energy savings of 50-60%.

These led light for badminton court are more comfortable than other lamps in terms of illumination, comfort, and glare. An LED flood light for badminton court is a great way to create a professional, comfortable environment for indoor lighting. It can also use indoor basketball court lighting and indoor tennis court lighting. At the same time, it can be competent for professional badminton courts with a height of 10 meters or more.  Without a doubt, this is the best lighting for badminton court.

How to choose indoor badminton court lighting

Indoor badminton lighting is essential for a positive experience. How do you choose the best badminton court lighting? There are many factors you should consider.

Indoor badminton court height

Indoor badminton lighting is more complicated than outdoor lighting. This is because indoor badminton court height is a key factor in determining the lighting options for indoor courts.

Ceiling Type

There are two common types of suspended ceilings: steel factory ceilings and concrete reinforced ceilings. The type of ceiling that is used for indoor badminton lighting will also affect the outcome.

Light Distribution

We can choose industrial lamps to make the light glow from top to bottom for more even light distribution.

Energy Saving and Longevity

Energy efficient and longer life LED floodlights up to 100000 hours with high color rendering CRI>80 (Ra) are a good choice. The flicker-free and non-blinding light allows badminton players to play as they wish without eye strain.
Suppose you have a new badminton court or retrofit badminton court lighting. It is best to choose high suspension fluorescent lights for badminton courts, which are superior to other types of lights in terms of comfort, illumination, and glare, followed by considering LED floodlights or LED industrial lights

Why Choose LED Flood lights on Badminton Courts


  1. Lightweight: lightweight quality, compact and beautiful. Flexible badminton lighting design
  2. High luminous efficiency: good thermal conductivity
  3. High reliability: large heat dissipation area
  4. Low glare: No Flicker
  5. Small resistance coefficient: more energy efficient and less light decay, longer service life

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