The Best Street Light Manufacturer in China

When it comes to buying street lights, choosing one of the best Chinese led street light manufacturers may not be all you have to consider. Choosing a street light will depend on various things like your location and the amount you are willing to spend.

Over the years, the number of China light manufacturing companies has increased, and while this is awesome, it also means you have your work cut out for choosing the best China light company.

Other things you will need to consider include;

  • The length of the period the company has been in the street light production business
  • The company’s experience and expertise (at least five years of experience)
  • The supply chain, customer reviews, cost of the products and finally, references

You want to make sure that you purchase quality street lights at the best prices from a street light manufacturer in China that knows what they are doing.

street light company
street light company

Considerations for choosing a suitable street light manufacturer in China


The primary purposes of street lights are improving safety and promoting security for pedestrians, urban centers, drivers, and riders, thus enhancing the quality of life. Therefore, street light customization is almost as necessary as the street light itself to achieve this.

LED lights are becoming quite popular recently. However, if you plan to use LED street lights, you must choose both the best Chinese led street light manufacturers and the best driver, lamp-body, chip, and lightning protector. Things like lighting can be complicated and expensive when choosing the wrong one.

Street lights are outdoor lights, which means they are exposed to environmental hazards like wind, dust clouds, too much heat, and hail. Luckily, there has been much evolution due to the industry’s fast-paced growth and the number of led light manufacturers in China.

Therefore, determining the best street light for your project will save you many maintenance costs in the future. Described below are factors to consider when choosing the best street lights(or Chinese led street light manufacturers).

Lamp body – street light manufacturer in china

One of the essential elements of the street lighting illumination system is the light/light source. A light source transforms power (measured in watts) into visible light. The fundamental purpose of streetlights is to protect neighborhoods and cities by providing light.

Therefore, the light source is the principal determinant for the optical quality of a street light, the efficiency of your illumination system, and ultimately what it will cost.

Some of the types of lamps made by China light manufacturer companies include; High-Pressure Vapor (MV), Low-Pressure Mercury Fluorescent Tubular Lamp (T12 & T8), Metal Halide (MH), Light Emitting Diode (LED), and Energy Efficient Fluorescent Tubular Lamp (T5).

As you contemplate your street light installations, it is essential to note that; high-pressure sodium vapor (HPSV), metal halide (MH), and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps are the most commonly used. In addition, note that Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lights have become more popular over the past decade.

Each type of lamp has unique qualities that stand out from the rest. This next section discusses the shape, quality, and safety of lamp bodies to help you understand what to choose from the best street light manufacturer in China.

Shape – street light manufacturer in china

There are many ways to determine whether the lamp body you are about to purchase is a quality product or not. It is essential to mind the shape of the lamp body before purchasing from the China light company of your choice. Since streetlights function outdoors, they are exposed to many natural hazards.

It is making sure that your purchases are high quality and without fault that will save you from the risk of damage, hence spending on repairs sooner. Some of the possible physical factors that can lead to damage include; a below-quality water gasket, broken protection glass, and a rusty lamp body.

You need to choose a lamp body whose body material/construction is robust and not easily affected by factors like these. For example, for maximum protection, the glass should be thick and tough.

Choosing a lamp body with good material like aluminum alloy or simply aluminum from LED manufacturers in China will ensure a lamp body is protected from natural hazards. It should also have at least an IP65 level of waterproof to cover the lamp from water-related forces.

Finally, choose a lamp body with stainless steel to protect it from rust.

Quality – street light manufacturer in china

While purchasing a lamp body for your project, the options to choose from are in millions. While this is great and means you will probably find something to fit with a minimal budget, it also means that the rate of poor-quality products out there is on the rise.

Therefore, you have to be vigilant to choose the best quality lamp body. Below are some quality determinants for a lamp body;

1. Lamp body life

Many LED manufacturers in China will offer at least a 5-year warranty on their products. Buying a product with a warranty with a shorter warranty might mean that the quality is not top-notch.

2. Housing material

A good quality lamp body must have strong glass, aluminum/stainless steel, and be waterproof.

3. Shape

A quality lamp body shape should be designed to ‘weather the storm’ literally. Ensure that the shape is designed to protect the micro parts of the street light and strong enough to survive hazards like storms, wind, dust, etc.

4. Type of lamp body

Remember that LED street lights have a longer life span than other lamp body types.

Safety – street light manufacturer in china

Safety is essential when it comes to street lights. Part of their use is to maintain road safety. Therefore, being mindful of the safety of the people living in the area where you intend to install street lights from Chinese led street light manufacturers is critical.

Below are some of the safety issues to be mindful of while choosing the right lamp body;

Volatile weather like lightning, storms, and others are some of the biggest threats to lamps. In addition, some lamp bodies may get damaged during dangerous weather conditions, leading to a safety threat for people living in the area.

For instance, the weaker glass may break, leading to shards flying in different directions, which is very dangerous. Therefore, the body must withstand the weather and even if not, the people in the neighborhood should be safe.

Lighting. A lamp body must produce just enough light to maintain safety on the street for drivers and pedestrians and to protect from the effects of poor lighting. In addition, the light from a lamp body should be enough to overpower the darkness.

Housing material. One of the factors that will maintain safety for your lamp body is the housing material. Choose lamp bodies with lamp material like aluminum and stainless steel, which protect against rust which can be problematic to locals.

For example, if rust gets in the air, it could irritate the eyes of passersby. Also, rust makes the metal weaker, weakening metal, thus repairing fees.

LED Driver

LED lighting

What is a LED Driver?

A LED driver is the part of the street light that controls the amount of power needed in the LED or an array of LEDs. Some describe it as the heart of a LED light.

Most drivers are purposefully designed to regulate the Current in specified devices, and therefore it is essential to select a matching device for each Light-emitting diode (LED) driver.

Failure to choose the right LED driver will result in exhaustion and possible underperformance of your LED. LED drivers protect LED bulbs by regulating the heat and managing voltage fluctuations which support the performance rates of your overall street light.

China LED light drivers currently have a diverse and secure voltage output, which offers a maximum regulated and fixed output voltage.

How to Choose the Right LED Driver?

LED drivers have proven to be an enabler in running successful LEDs. Since street lights are outdoor and exposed to many harsh conditions, you must purchase one with a reliable LED driver.

Some of the functions of LED drivers to consider while choosing include; the power conversion function, efficiency, energy-saving rate, and other additional functions like a remote control. Below are some of the LED driver types you might consider.

Constant Current and Constant Voltage LED Drivers

Most of the drivers you will encounter are constant Voltage, Constant Current, or both. The type of LED driver you eventually choose will depend on what LED or modules you intend to purchase.

Therefore, before you settle on a China LED light, you want to understand what type of driver is best for your project. The determinants for choosing the type of LED driver to purchase from LED light manufacturers in China include; system installation, the overall efficiency requirements, and the configuration plans.

The difference is that Constant Current LED drivers have higher operating efficiency than Constant Voltage LED drivers. In addition, the Constant Voltage is more flexible when connecting with differing LEDs and modules.

Constant Current LED Drivers

Constant Current LED drives are drivers with a variable voltage that assists in maintaining a continuous electronic circuit. Most LEDs use this type of driver to run their systems. The constant current system is generally efficient and has better control than continual Voltage.

It feeds a continuous loop of LEDs, which means that it can provide a constant LED module in the form of a series to flow into different LED lights on a loop.

While choosing a constant current driver from a China light manufacturer, it is essential to understand the module design to achieve the proper current flow in LEDs.

Constant Voltage LED Drivers

That is the ultimate power supply. Constant Voltage LED drivers to boast a set voltage supplied to an electronic voltage that may or may not run in an uneven line. They are very flexible when it comes to connecting varied LEDs and modules.

The voltage supply is often steady with this kind of driver, thereby enabling power to flow through every LED that is connected. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that a constant Voltage LED driver’s voltage output meets the voltage requirement for its intended module, or extra costs may be incurred.

Aspects to Consider When Choosing an LED Driver

Output Current

Every LED light has current requirements that must be observed. For example, a Constant Current LED driver will only be compatible with an LED device if it reflects the stipulated value output. Read the LED’s datasheet to know what kind of driver it requires.

The values are written in amps (A) or milliamps (Ma). For example, 1 A is equivalent to 1000 Ma. Some current drivers may range from a current output of 0 Ma to 500 mA. Your LED must match the output current values.

Output Power

The output power is measured in watts. Therefore, it is a minimum requirement for a driver to have the same output power as an LED. However, it is advisable to invest in an LED driver with a higher output power to provide additional safety for the LED.

If you buy a driver with the same output power as your LED, you will have to let it run at total capacity. That affects its durability meaning the driver may have a shorter than expected lifespan. In contrast, a driver with a higher output will have to run at minimum power, thus a longer lifespan.

Output Voltage

With a current-voltage LED driver, you will require the same output voltage specified on your LED’s requirements. However, a Constant Current LED driver requires the output voltage to exceed your LED’s requirements.

In the case of multiple LED street lights from Chinese led street light manufacturers, add the voltage requirements and use the sum to decide the output voltage for your LED driver.

Energy Saving Rate

Efficiency is vital for LED drivers, so it is crucial to consider the energy-saving rate. The efficiency of an LED driver is based on both power input and output in the form of voltages.

If the power received by a driver is at least 90% being received by your LED, then you have an incredible LED drive. For example, a driver may receive 200 watts of power and send an output of 180 watts to the LED, thus a 90% power efficiency.

That means that an LED driver has an efficient energy-saving rate. Therefore, be sure to look out for, and purchase LED drivers with a high energy saving rate.


As with all products, you have to be mindful of quality while choosing a China light manufacturer to buy an LED driver.

Some manufac

turers may use cheaper, less efficient materials to cut production costs. That is why we pointed out before that you should choose a company that has been in business for five years or more.

Companies like this often have customer reviews, credibility, and a reputation to uphold. Even better, they are more likely to follow through with their warranties.

Choosing street light manufacturers in China who have been in business for a while gives you assurance for the safety and quality of your purchase.

LED Chips

led chip

How to pick LED chips for LED streetlamps?

The primary function of the LED chip is to transform electric energy into light. LED Chips are at the center of LED Street Light, which straightforwardly decides the exhibition of the light.

Since LED Street Light is outside lighting, it requires excellent parts to endure brutal conditions. In any case, the support cost is incredibly high. So it’s imperative to utilize solid brand LED chips.

Below are some of the best-LED chips to consider using LED lights by Chinese led street light manufacturers.


Cree LED chips to consolidate profoundly influential InGaN materials with restrictive G•SIC® substrates to convey prevalent value/execution for focused energy LEDs. LED includes highly effective, iridescent adequacy up to 200 Lm/W.

Seoul Semiconductor

It has the innovation that profits steady light to people. Seoul Semiconductor creates LED chips for general lighting, car lighting, and backdrop illumination. Their LEDs are efficient, high effectiveness, and have a long life.

Edison Opto

One of the worldwide driving high-power LED chip makers from Taiwan. Its significant items are high-power LED chips utilized in lighting gear. Make COB for high-power applications up to 200W.

San’an Optoelectronics

China’s biggest maker of top-quality super high brilliant LED epitaxial wafers and chips. San’an produces LED chips of everything bundles that can be utilized indoors, outside, and all broad lighting applications.


It is one of the most retailing LED chip brands on the planet. Offer a powerful bundle that gives high luminance from a powerful bundle to empower financially savvy, single optic, and directional installation plans with a broad scope of CCTs and CRI.

Predominant lm/W empowers extraordinary viability, and a very dependable bundle configuration avows a long life in brutal conditions.


Epistar LED chips are accessible in all standard aspects and bundles, for example, 3535, 5050, 5630, and most customarily utilized 2835.

Therefore, Epistar LED chips are a decent decision for indoor lighting applications, for instance, Driven Bulbs, LED downlights, and so on, while the majority of the COB chips are utilized in outdoor applications, for example, Floodlights, streetlamps, burrow lights, and so on.

All of the above chips have their benefits; therefore, we advise you to choose according to the LED lights you intend to purchase.

Led Chip Styles to Conside

Surface Mounted Device (SMD) LED Chips

Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) LED chips accompanied critical progression after the DIPs. SMDs produce a much higher light outcome than traditional LEDs and utilize irrefutably less power.

They have a more unobtrusive, lengthier future and consume up to 75 percent less energy than DIP LEDs. In addition, using RGB, they can make up to 16 million concealing blends, offering lower upkeep costs.

Typically mounted onto a circuit board, this arrangement is more adaptable since various diodes can be placed on a comparable chip. In addition, SMD LEDs give preferable splendor and the limit over changing colors.

Applications comprise straight LED strip lighting, LED high gulf lights, LED floodlights, and LED recessed downlights. A 4-digit number perceives them to show the chip size.

5630 SMD LED This style of the LED chip is small yet yields more light at a more noticeable power than the 5050 SMD chip, up to 50 lumens for each SMD, and they have a future of up to 50,000 hours.

There are various applications for 5630 SMDs, including hall and step lighting, window lights, deck lighting, structure or line lighting, and trail lights. In addition, they’re incredible for business use in retail outlets, clubs, theaters, restaurants, and lighting up lights.

Various services join primary lighting, security and emergency lighting, scenery brightening, sign lights, and remarkable events and show shows.

5050 SMD LED Also branded as a “tri chip,” this 3-LED arrangement makes a high return LED light numerous times the brightness of the 3528 at around 22 lumens for each chip.

It’s moreover open as a “quad chip” with 4 LEDs. Vivid 5050 LED lighting strips require an RGB LED controller to work. Driven 5050 SMD lights are used as splendid supplement lights, sign lights, task lighting, and bay lighting in homes or associations.

When 5050 are squeezed almost each other in a device, they can make a potent light source, making them appropriate for full divider washes, bar lights, club lighting, etc.

Different tones, regardless of warm and cool whites, are open. In straightforward cases, the 5050 styles can be used for fundamental lighting, for instance, for ways or to displace fluorescent chamber lights in private and business regions.

3528 SMD LED This medium outcome LED is regularly found on low Voltage LED strips. It uses one light-communicating diode. What’s more results around 7 lumens for each chip, making smooth, magnificent light.

Less hotness is transmitted, so they’re safer to contact than a radiant light. There similarly robust, with an assessed future of up to 50,000 hours. Various tones are open, regardless of a calm and warm white.

The 3528 SMD style LED chips are used for part or supplement lighting, for instance, under cabinets and along with steps. Moreover, they can be used as gulf lights or plinth lights and are found in homes, diners, bars, hotels, and various conditions.

Twofold power 3528 SMD can be used for general lighting LED tape to override halogen bulbs or fluorescent chambers.

There are more LED styles as compared to the ones mentioned above. Therefore, knowing what chip fits your LED for China LED bulbs simplifies your search choices among China’s best street light manufacturers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an LED Chip

led chip

When choosing the right LED chip for your project, we advise that you consider two crucial factors: the brightness and co-efficiency/ how the light is more adapted to the human eye.

LED chips are responsible for the color and light emanating from the LED. Sometimes, the light emanated may be too low or too high. That may lead to issues like accidents and poor lighting in both instances.

To avoid these kinds of problems, choose an LED chip with light that is more agreeable to the human eye in a way that is easy to adjust. In addition, the chip you choose should produce moderate light that is neither too low nor too high.

Lightning Protector/ Surge protection

Street lights are exposed to harsh conditions, and this means that you have to be careful to tick off all the necessary safety measures while choosing street lights for your project. One of the safety measures you must take is purchasing lightning protectors/surge protection for LED street lights.

The number of LED manufacturers in China has been rising for the past decade, which means you have a diverse scope to consider, like all the other features. Surge protectors will protect your LED lights from lightning damage and save you regular repair costs.

Lightning protectors can either be installed directly into the LED street light, the cable junction box at the base of the mast, or into the infeed.

How to pick a Lightning Protector/Surge Protection for LED streetlamps?

If you plan to purchase lightning strike resistance for LED street lights, there are two types to consider. They are; Photocell receptacle surge protectors and inline surge protectors.

Depending on the LED street light you are opting for, there are various inline surge protectors to consider. They have a general role and are installed in the circuit before the LED light.

On the other hand, the photocell receptacle surge protectors can be installed in the LED shoebox lights.

The twist-lock option is relatively easy to use as it easily twists into place as the photocell and the photocell receptors are secured at the top of the surge protector.

The two options are affordable and work well for LEDs. Getting your project’s lightning protection lights from street light manufacturers in China will help you get the best quality for your money’s worth.


  • Not all surge protectors are designed to suit LED street lights. Ask and find out the best options before making purchases.
  • Change your lightning protectors at least every two years. They are not meant to serve an indefinite term, so to keep your street light well protected, they need to be changed regularly.

Choosing the proper lightning protector/surge protection from LED bulb manufacturers in China can be simple once you understand the basics, as explained above.

Concern: after-sales quality.

Once you have decided what to purchase and where to purchase it from a China light company, then remains the initial preparation for possible replacements and speculation about the available local solutions.

It is crucial to consider spare parts when choosing machine purchases lest we risk more costs on transportation days before finding solutions for damages. To determine how much to spend on spare parts, we advise one method, calculate the risk associated with the lack of electricity.

For example, how many lives will be endangered, how much time will it take to get the light back on? Once you have answered these questions, you might find that sparing money when buying spare parts might not be the best way of action.

Even if a product is new, you may want to stock spare parts. We suggest you stock at least 30% of your inventory in spare parts, and if it is possible, more than 50% would be excellent. For example, LED bulb manufacturers in China may offer the best products, but every company can have a faulty program.

Another thing you could do is build a network with local engineers and keep them on-call when emergencies arise. Finally, focus on buying high-quality products to avoid regular repairs.

Installation and Maintenance

As the best street light manufacturers in China, our task is to provide you with original parts of LED street lights and co-operate with our partners to ensure that we provide spare parts.

When there is no epidemic and limitations to movement, we have a team of engineers set to ensure the proper installation of lamps by guiding local engineers on the best ways to install the street light.

In times of the epidemic, we shoot videos to train local engineers to install LED street lights properly.

Local contractors can do maintenance of lamps. Although LED street lamps have a long lifespan, they could be shorter if not regularly maintained and kept in the reasonable condition through repair.

Therefore, guidelines regarding installation and maintenance procedures are always provided to ensure a good customer experience. Below are some of the installation guidelines you should know.

LED Street Lights Installation Tools

The installation pack incorporates complete arrangements of wrenches, 30cm live wrench, screwdriver, stripping pincers, multi-meter, a few conduits, 50m measuring tape, electrical expert tape, working trucks with life table, notice signs, streak lights with lift stations. LED China street lamp makers will provide a portion of these tools.

LED Street Lighting Install Cautions

The engineering personnel should have the related specific information in the first place. Then, at that point, ensure with delicate material or other defensive material when a street light is facing down. Besides, you should never work in an electric climate.

Finally, decide if the environment is following open-air high-power working reach. You can’t perform light post establishment work when the breeze is more than four classes.

It is vital to consult the street light installation guide to understand the procedure for putting up the street lights. Use protective instruments like gloves, gaggles, overall, and protective boots.

We recommend hiring professional engineers to handle installment and later maintenance for safety purposes. In addition, hiring professionals to do the technical work of installation protects the equipment from damage since professionals can take it better and from quick damage resulting from poor installation.

LED street lights have a higher chance of living their entire lifespan when properly installed using the correct tools. Habitually, maintenance should be done to maximize the streetlamp’s longevity because of street lights. The keener you keep the streetlight in proper working order, the better.

How to pick the best-LED streetlights manufacturer?

Which supplier you pick among the street light manufacturers in China depends upon where you are and the sum you want to spend. The number of producers has moreover extended most certainly due to the excellent speed advancement of the lighting industry. This improvement made picking quality LED light creators more marvelous yet more challenging. Coming up next are a couple of indicators that will help you with picking the right LED street light producer;


The supplier should have five years of gathering experience and some compelling errand. Any less than this may be problematic since you do not know how long this company may stay in business or have the resources to fulfill its warranty.

Production line plan

These are the primary models to evaluate. For example, you can check for the successive development framework to study creation limit; Check developing test equipment, IES test stuff, IK, and IP test equipment to evaluate the quality control.

Supply chain

Do they source parts from assumed and set up vendors? For instance, use brand LED chips and LED drivers. Do they have endorsement from this brand?


Driven streetlight producers ought to have rich data. Know how to set up LED street lights as shown by the errand. They ought to understand the new age lighting and work on something almost identical.

They should seek after the latest heading of LED lighting with the help of state-of-the-art programming programs, so they offer a steady lighting structure for streetlight projects.


If you are looking for cost-capable and quality LED lights, you should look at China. Chinese creators may quickly plan and make overwhelming LED streetlights through the remarkable LED industry chain, leading to an immense creation limit.

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