Cobra Head Street Light

Cobra head street lights are very suitable for street lighting, public intersections, and some parking lot lighting projects in daily life. It is the first choice of many governments and real estate developers. The cobra head street lamp is the best choice for lighting when the sky is getting darker. Because of its drop lens style, while enhancing the lighting area, can also improve energy efficiency, reduce maintenance requirements and extend service life.
The diffused light of the cobra head street light can cover a larger area. So you can get a giant size projection, which can reduce the number of light poles. And its unique design structure will meet all the restrictions you may encounter. For example, some cobra head lighting will have a halo and small irradiation area. These problems are solved perfectly by the cobra head street lights.

What is a Cobra Head Street Light

Cobra head street lights are outdoor lights installed on telephone poles. It is mainly used for street and road lighting but can also be used for another general area lighting. Their unique design makes the LED lights look like a cobra. So it is called a cobra headlight.
Take the 100 watt LED Cobra Head light for example. With its 5000k colour temperature and 12,401 lumens, it provides you with a powerful light. cobra head lighting is ideal for dark roads and car parks. kanglight’s all cobra head lighting has a 100,000 hour lifespan and a 7 year warranty.

Models of Cobra Head Street Lights

cobra head street light
street light

8W-60W LED Cobra Head Lighting

Optical system:LED mould light distribution lens, diffuser with super white gempered glass.
Electric:Quick on/off connector when be open.
Finishing:Surface anti-ageing electrostatic spray processing. Super resistance to corrosion.
Lifetime (Hrs):> 100000 hrs
Installation pipe:-40℃to+55℃
Installation pipe:Ø48mm / Ø60mm / Ø76mm

60W-120W LIBRA-2 High-efficiency Led Cobra Head Street Lights

Electric:Quick on/off connector when be open.
Installation height:8M-10M
Lifetime (Hrs):> 100000 hrs

PISCES-2 Easy installation of Cobra Head Lighting


How to Choose the Right Cobra Head Street Light?

The brightness of cobra head lighting varies, and so does the price. But the price is not the fundamental basis on which we can measure how good a luminaire is. First of all, this cobra head lighting has to meet the lighting class I standard. In addition, the cobra head lighting has to be a little more resistant to static electricity because a luminaire with high resistance to static electricity will last longer. In general, you can use cobra head lighting with resistance to static electricity of more than 700 V.

Cobra head lighting with the same wavelength has the same light color. If you require the same color, you have to be a little more strict about the cobra head light wavelength. It is best to choose a manufacturer with an LED spectrophotometer, as this will produce a more guaranteed light color.

The luminous angle of led cobra head street lights also varies. A cobra led street light with a smaller angle of light can be placed higher up, so it will be relatively expensive. If you are shopping for cobra head fixtures, you should choose the right angle of light according to your actual position.

The light emitting body of cobra led street light is the chip. The price of different chips varies greatly. Chips from Japan and the USA are very expensive. Generally speaking, Taiwan’s chip cost is lower than Japan and the United States. Chinese chips are generally the least expensive. If they have professional certification, cobra head fixtures manufacturers generally produce chips with little difference in quality. So if you don’t know how to choose, choose a lower priced cobra head fixtures manufacturer with the same qualifications.

Usually, the gel of a normal cobra head luminaire is an epoxy resin. For natural conditions, the normal colloid is perfectly adequate for everyday lighting. Choosing a cobra head luminaire with UV resistance and flame retardants is usually more expensive. Nowadays, our outdoor cobra head luminaire is generally UV resistant and water and fire resistant.


Advantages of Cobra Head Street Lights

1. Small size:

LED cobra head street lights are smaller than ordinary street lights. The delicate LED chip is encapsulated in a transparent epoxy resin, so the LED light is tiny. Therefore, the quality of the Cobra street lamp is small and very light, which can save a lot of materials and space in the production and application.

And the cobra head street light is small in size, and each unit LED chip is 3~5mm square or round. Therefore, it is also suitable for preparing devices with complex molding processes. For example, the manufacture of soft, bendable lamp tubes, lamp strips, and special-shaped lights, currently only LEDs are suitable.

2. The energy consumption is deficient:

The working voltage of the LED Cobra street lamp is generally only 20-110V, and the operating current is only 0.02~0.03A. That is to say: it consumes no more than 0.1W of electricity. It consumes more than 90% less electricity than incandescent lamps with the same luminous efficiency and more than 70% less than energy-saving lamps. Therefore, only LEDs are truly energy-saving light sources! This dramatically reduces energy consumption and is more environmentally friendly.

3. Rugged and durable:

The cobra head street light chip is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin. The small epoxy resin particles are tough to break, and the entire lamp body has no loose parts. And the chip inside it is tough to die, and there is little thermal effect and may volatilize or fuse. These characteristics make the cobra head street light difficult to damage. Compared with ordinary light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, LED lamps are countless times stronger than them. The cobra head street light is the most durable of all current types of lighting. Therefore, the LED lamp has a long service life. Under the appropriate current and voltage, the service life of the LED light can reach 100,000 hours. That is to say, and the product life can go more than 10 years in theory, which has a longer service life than other types of lamps.

4. Safe and low voltage:

LED lights to use low-voltage DC power supply (AC can be rectified into DC power). The power supply voltage is between 6~24V, which varies from product to product. In short, it uses a DC power supply that is safer than a high-voltage power supply and is especially suitable for homes and public places.

5. Richer colors:

The colors of lamps and lanterns on the market before are single. Suppose we want to achieve a color purpose. One is to paint or cover the lamp’s surface with colored flakes, and the other is to fill the lamp with inert gas to emit light. Therefore, the richness of colors is limited. However, the cobra head street light is digitally controlled, and the light-emitting chip currently emits various colors. Among them are red, green, and blue ternary colors. It is precise with these ternary colors that, through system control, the colorfulness of the great world can be restored.

6. Less heat dissipation:

LED cobra head street light is a more advanced cold light source. It is not like incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps that radiate a lot of infrared and ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is especially suitable for lighting cultural relics, jewelry, high-end cosmetics, and other valuable items. cobra head street lights have almost no current heating effect like incandescent lamps and will not bubble up due to thermal expansion and contraction. It will not make the bulb yellow, accelerate the aging of the light, and cause a greenhouse effect on the surrounding environment.

7. Low cost:

Compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and Cobra road lamps, the purchase price is higher. However, the low energy consumption of LEDs can save many electricity bills in the long run. And it can also protect the investment in lamp replacement, so the extensive use cost is more cost-effective.

8. Less environmental pollution:

There is no harm from metallic mercury. cobra head street lights do not use high-hazard mercury like fluorescent lights. And there will be no public hazards such as mercury ions and phosphors that may leak during the manufacturing process of the bulb or after it is broken.

The epoxy resin used to make LEDs is an organic polymer compound. It has good physical and chemical properties after curing and has high bonding strength to wafers and metals. In addition, the material of the Cobra street lamp is rigid and flexible, stable to salt, alkali, and most solvents, and not accessible to damage. Even after damage or aging, it can be recycled and reused without causing pollution to the environment.

In the particle layout of LED lights and display screens, the light generated is generally scattered, and light pollution is rarely generated.
Cobra head street light
cobra head street light

Cobra head street light material

The basic structure of the cobra head street lamp is a chip of electroluminescent semiconductor material. Generally, white glue is used to cure the bracket. Then connect the chip and the circuit board with wires, and seal the sides with epoxy resin. This can play a role in protecting the inner core wire and finally install the shell. But do you know what the primary materials of LED lights are?
  1. Material ADC12: Japanese aluminum alloy grade, also known as No. 12 aluminum material. Al-Si-Cu series alloy is a die-cast aluminum alloy suitable for lids, cylinder blocks, etc.
  2. Anti-rust aluminum: mainly Al-Mn series and Al-Mg series alloys. Because the effect of aging strengthening is not apparent, it is not suitable for heat treatment strengthening. However, work hardening can be used to increase strength and hardness. The main performance characteristic of this type of alloy is its excellent corrosion resistance, so it is called anti-rust aluminum.
  3. PA: Polyamide has high mechanical strength, high softening point, heat resistance, and abrasion resistance. It is a very commonly used material.
  4. Q235: Carbon structural steel with a yield point (σs) of 235MPa. As the thickness of the material increases, its yield value decreases. Due to the moderate carbon content, the overall performance is better, the strength, plasticity, and welding properties are better matched, and the use is the most extensive.

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