Difference Between Floodlight and Spotlight

There are many types of lights, which are available in the market these days. They are very confusing, and customers always face many doubts related to it while choosing the perfect option of floodlights. Even though, sometimes a customer also faces a doubt that what is the difference between spotlight vs floodlight. It makes them choose the wrong outdoor flood lights for their area. If you are also looking for the same, we will resolve all your doubts related to it. After reading the above post, you can easily understand the differences between floodlights and spotlight and choose them accordingly. So, have a look at the information below.

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What are floodlights?

Before understanding the difference, you have to understand what outdoor flood lights are? Floodlights are broad-beamed, and artificial lights. They are used in playing fields and even for outdoor events. In other words, they are used over the areas with having low lights. They are also used for stage lighting and are also used with concerts and plays. During the evening or night matches, the flood lights are also used and even for television broadcasts. There are many different types of portable ed flood light bulbs, which are expected over the areas where no floodlights can be installed.

What are spotlights?

Even though there is no such definition of spotlights, but they are very much everyday over the areas of art exhibition. It is used over the areas, which need to be highlighted or need special light. They are also used during theatre plays. There are many variations for the spotlights; in fact, floodlights are one of the types of spotlights. 

Spotlight is the other option of source, which is all used to produce a cone of light. Each cone of light has its own volume. The main aim of the spotlight is to spot objects, which are located in a conical volume. Significant features of the spotlight include

  • It offers a unique light effect
  • Beneficial in changing the intensity of light
  • They have the lens, which has the feature of being manually focussed
  • It has iris as an angle with having property of getting adjusted according to the angle of the beam

Price of spotlight vs floodlight

To understand the difference among both of these lights options you must have an idea about their prices. The floodlight price and spotlight price is all depends upon the type of these lights options. Moreover, floodlight price also depends upon the brand you choose. The price of floodlight price starts from only $4. Moreover, there are many sellers of spotlights and floodlights from where you can purchase them at a very discounted price.

What are the different types of flood lights?

After understanding the outdoor led floodlights, you have to understand what are the different types of best outdoor floodlights.

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Fluorescent floodlights     

When it is about choosing energy-efficient lights, then Fluorescent is the best option for you. When choosing these types of flood lights, you must have knowledge related to their specifications and other features. Besides this, the fluorescent floodlights are very much durable. They are cheaper as compared to the LED lights. 

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High-Intensity Discharge or HID lights

The HID lights are such options of lights, which are known for their longer life span. Moreover, they are also one of the most energy-efficient floodlights. Even though, if there will be any fault, then replacement of the lights will become easier. 

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Halogen FloodLights

Halogen outdoor flood lights are also known for their fantastic performance, and they have become one the top-rated and highest-selling option among the outdoor flood lights by its customers. They are the one which lasts for a longer time duration. They are the only option, which can impact your money bills and make them less. 

What are the different types of spotlights?

The biggest thing to know about the spotlight is that they are different from the regular one. There are many technology and improvement which are found in spotlights, and here are some of the major types of it that you should know:

Beam Projector

This type of spotlight is the one, which all work without any direct r intense beam of light

Parabolic Aluminized Reflector 

It is one of the forms of the outdoor led floodlights, which requires a low voltage of PAR spotlight. They offer a narrow beam of light as compared to the traditional exterior led floodlights. 

Fresnel Spotlight

The Fresnel spotlights are also known by the name of Augustine Fresnel. 

Fallow spotlight

The fallow spotlight is used during the theatre performances. It is used during the conditions when a light needs to capture the moving object. 

Uses of Flood lights

The working of spotlight vs floodlight are identical, but spotlights are the one that can be used for the outdoor and indoor areas. The spotlights are used to target a particular spot, whereas floodlights are used to target a huge area. Using security floodlights with high wattage, offers light effect as that of the day. Outdoor floodlight bulbs are also known as work lights. Moreover, the battery operated or led flood lights are also used as an emergency lights. They are also called as an permanent lighting source. The portable exterior led flood lights are one of the major option of lights, which can be used over disaster areas.

Uses of Spotlights

As we have already discussed, spotlights are the best option to use over the areas requiring more focus. Most of the time, the spotlights are used over the theatres, concert halls, and other areas, which requires more focus. With the help of the spotlights, it will become easier to highlight any person or even object, which is always required in museums. Handling the spotlight is not easier, as you need to hire a specialist how can handle the spotlight. 

What are the various differences between spotlight vs floodlight?

After understanding the above information, we believe all the major aspects of the spotlight and floodlight. Now, it is the time when you need to understand the differences between both of these lights options. 

Portable flood light is such type of light, which create a narrow beam of light and the light is not more than that of 45 degrees. But on the other hand, the outdoor led outdoor led flood light create an angle of 120 degrees. It implies that led flood lights are the one which covers more and more target area. It make the led flood light bulbs and spotlights to work in a different way.

The spotlights are the perfect option to use when you want to target a particular object, but on the other hand, best led flood light bulbs the one used to cover a vast area. The power used by both of these lights options is identical. Both types of lights produce the same amount of lumens, and it all depends upon the situation, which makes us use either outdoor led flood lights or spotlights.


At last, we hope that you have cleared with all about the outdoor led flood lights, including the best led flood light price. We believe that after reading above information, you can easily purchase smart flood light for your area.         

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