Do You Know The Accessories Of Outdoor LED Street Lights?


In previous articles, we talked a lot about outdoor LED street lights. Outdoor LED street light has features like high luminous efficiency, long lifespan, good lighting effect, and others. It also saves energy and protects the environment. Currently, LED street lights have mostly taken the place of conventional high-pressure sodium lamps. Are you familiar with outdoor LED street light accessories? And what do each of the lighting accessories do, individually? You may learn more about the parts of LED street lights in this reading.

LED light source

The common light source is currently a DC energy-saving lamp or high-frequency electroless lamp. Low-pressure sodium lamps and LED light sources are also available. LED light source is popular because it has small volumes, long life, and high efficiency. It can also be used for up to 100,000 hours. The unique advantages of LED light sources make them a leader in the lighting sector.

  • High luminous efficiency

LEDs have undergone decades of technological advancement, and their luminous efficiency has significantly increased. LED light efficiency will increase to 50 to 200 lumens/watt after improvements. It emits light that is very similar to natural sunlight and can accurately render different colors. It creates a safe and comfortable visual environment.

  • Energy saving

The same conditions of the same luminous effect mean that LED lights consume one-tenth of the power of an incandescent bulb and half the power of a fluorescent lamp.

  • Long life and low cost

LED lights have a service life of 5-10 years. And LEDs are full solid luminescent bodies that can withstand shock and impact. This can significantly reduce maintenance costs and eliminate the need to change lamps often. It can be said that in this respect, the use of LED street lights is much better than other traditional lamps.

  • Environmentally friendly

LEDs are green and eco-friendly. LED street lights are free of mercury and lead and do not emit harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation. There is no pollution if waste can be recycled. LEDs do just that.

  • Good safety

Low calorific value, no heat radiation, cold light source, and safe to touch are all qualities of LED lights. LED street lighting also provides brighter and more precise light to all parts of the city. It improves visibility which decreases the risk of mishaps and hazards. Therefore, LED lights are safe enough that you can definitely rely on them.

LED driver

In addition to being a necessary component of LED lighting fixtures, the LED driving power supply is the primary element determining the stability of LED lamps. The LED driving power supply is a converter, to put it simply. Its job is to transform different power sources into current and voltage that may be used with LEDs. LED street lights can function effectively and emit light thanks to their conversion. The LED drive power supply and housing are currently the most expensive. There is a significant price gap between unbranded and branded LED drivers. The main reason for the price difference lies in their performance. Brand drivers have higher electrical parameters and have passed strict international certification. An unbranded LED driver, on the other hand, will have lower indicators to save money and have no certification.

LED controller

When you hear the word “LED,” you probably think of the lamps that are used for public lighting. And who is capable of operating these lights? We currently need to use a LED controller. The so-called “LED controller” uses a chip to process and regulate a number of switches in the circuit for an LED lamp. Highways, gardens, sports plazas, and other public lighting environments extensively employ LED controllers.


The radiator for LED outdoor street lights is to absorb heat from the chip or substrate and disperses it to the environment so that the LED chip remains at its normal temperature. Radiators are designed to be used in natural and forced convection. The intention of using a radiator is also clear. LED street lights can be used outdoors for long periods of time. The temperature difference outside is large, so it is essential to have an efficient heat dissipation system. This will prevent light decay and extend the lamp’s lifespan.

LED housing

LED street lights
There is no doubt that the housing of the LED street light is an indispensable part. The housing protects the LED street lights from the elements and dissipates heat. This allows the LED to be controlled at all times. The housing of an LED street lamp is made from die-cast aluminum. The housing’s weight determines its heat dissipation quality and anti-collision grades. Some suppliers make the housing thin so that there is no heat sink and insufficient heat sink to save money. This housing can lead to high temperatures for LEDs, light decay, and a short life span.


The information about the essential lighting components for LED street lights is provided above. All things considered, every lighting component of an outdoor LED street light serves a specific purpose and is essential. Therefore, to ensure effective job performance and long service life, we need to select suitably and inspect and repair the accessories for LED lamps periodically.
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