How Much Do Cobra Head Lights Cost?

Cobra Head Lights & street lamp installation Cost have been developed over the years to offer much more than simple lighting. There are many options when selecting Cobra Head Lights & street lamp installation. Cobra head lights and street lamp installation are two advanced and modern options that one should consider. They are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and offer several other functions.

They are available in the market in different forms. Their prices vary depending on the product features and properties. In this article, we have talked about the cost of Cobra Head Lights & street lamp installation and the other elements that you should consider while purchasing them.

Cost of cobra head light

Cobra head lights are a form of street lights that are given this name because of the resemblance of their shape to the cobra head. They are primarily used outdoors, such as in streets, roadways, and parking lots. But some people also use them in indoor settings such as large stores, etc., for general area lighting.

It is manufactured using a drop lens style that spreads light in a larger area, improves longevity, and keeps the whole structure well-maintained for a long time. It can reduce the need to insert several poles and use several light fixtures.

There are several models of cobra head lights available in the market. These models may vary from each other based on their construction material, weight, finishing, lumens, etc. You should consider all these features of lights before making a purchase.

The cost of cobra head light differs from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on the quality and properties of the light fixture. The more features it offers, the more costly it will be. Their price can be as low as $5 and as maximum as hundreds of dollars, depending on the size and other features of the light.

A higher price does not always mean that the product will also be of high quality. You should check different elements such as customer reviews, the credibility of manufacturers, etc., before choosing a particular manufacturer of cobra head street lights.

The price of cobra head light pole material

Cement cobra head street light poles

Cement pole is one of the earliest types of light poles and it was erected on city power poles or separately. Now the market has phased out the street light pole.

Stainless steel cobra head street light pole

Stainless steel rods have the best chemical and electrochemical corrosion resistance in steel, second only to titanium. The method used in China is to carry out hot-dip galvanized surface treatment, and the life of hot-dip galvanized products that meet international standards can reach 15 years. Otherwise, it falls far short. It is mostly used in courtyards, communities, parks, and other places: heat resistant, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, or even ultra-low temperature resistant.

Iron cobra head street light pole

Iron street light pole, also known as high quality Q235 steel light pole. Hot-dip galvanized spraying, 30 years without rust, very hard. This is the most common and commonly used street light pole in the street light market.
Fiberglass steel cobra head street light pole

FRP rod is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. It has many advantages, such as sound insulation, good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength. Still, the disadvantage is that the sex is brittle and has poor wear resistance. Therefore, not many are used in the market.

Aluminum alloy cobra head street light pole

The street light pole is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The manufacturer protects the safety of personnel and has high strength, does not need any surface treatment, has more than 50 years of corrosion resistance, and is very beautiful. It looks more high-grade. Aluminum alloy has better physical and mechanical properties than pure aluminum: easy processing, high durability, a wide range of applications, good decorative effect, rich colors, etc. Most of these street lights are exported overseas, especially to developed countries.

Because the good or bad of light street poles will directly affect the service life of the bars. Therefore, it is recommended that when choosing a street light pole, you must decide whether the material is suitable (according to the climate and geography of your area)! Nowadays, the street light poles chosen in urban areas are generally galvanized tubes. Sticks made of this material are more affordable and easy to use. Also highly recommended: be sure to find a professional solar street light manufacturer when buying. You can not choose a cheap street light pole so as not to lose more.

How to select cobra head lights?

There are several things that you need to consider to buy a quality product. Use the following guide to make a knowledgeable decision regarding the purchase of cobra lights.

  • Static resistance: Static resonance of cobra head lights varies. You should select the lights that have a high static resonance because they have longevity.
  • Light quality: The quality of light depends on which kind of light source is used in the cobra head light. LED chips produce high-quality light, and they are also cost-effective.
  • Luminous angles: You should also check the luminous angles of the light. Lights with a low angle need a more heightened pole than lights with a large luminous angle.
  • Weight: Usually, cobra head street lights are light in weight. Their weight can vary from product to product based on the construction material and the kind of light/bulb used in the fixture. It is better to purchase lightweight cobra head lights as they are easier to carry, transport, and install.
  • Material: Cobra head lights are made of different materials. Each material serves a different purpose. You should select lights that are made up of durable and anti-rust material.
  • Price: As mentioned earlier, the price of a cobra street light varies depending on different elements. You should buy a product that offers quality features, and its price falls in your budget range.
  • The reputation of manufacturers: Do not choose a manufacturer of cobra lights without doing your research. There are several manufacturers of cobra head lights in the markets. Their products differ from each other on the basis of their price and quality. Choose a manufacturer who is responsible and reputable.
  • Customer reviews: You should check customer reviews of the product that you are planning to buy. You can find them on the website of the cobra head light manufacturer. Buy a product that has more positive customer reviews.

Cost of Installation Street Lights

As the name suggests, Installation Street Lights integrate different smart technologies such as sensors, speakers, cameras, etc., to provide a wide range of functionalities. They use sensors that monitor movement or activity. They turn bright when they detect movement, and then they turn dim when the movement is gone.

In addition to this feature, Installation Street Lights that are used in a row can send messages to each other. For this, they use a wireless communication system. When one light detects movement, it sends the message to the next light, which sends the message to the next, and so on. This way, lights get brighter even before the vehicle or the walker arrives.

The cost of Installation Street Lights depends on the light quality, material, and other features. There is a wide variety of Installation Street Lights available in the market. You can buy some for only a few dollars while the cost of others can be hundreds of dollars. Whatever the price, they are believed to cost less than the traditional street lights.

How to select intelligent street lights?

Consider the following points while buying intelligent street lights.

  • Materials: They are found in different materials such as plastic, steel, etc. You should prefer the material that can tolerate different environmental conditions without getting ruined only after a few months.
  • Power range: The Installation Street Lights should have a wide power range so that you can use them according to the lighting needs of the street.
  • Replaceable components: The components of the Installation Street Lights should be replaceable and readily available in the market so you can get access to them easily.
  • Warranty: They should come with a warranty card so that you can reduce your maintenance expenses if the product fails to work correctly only after a short period.
  • Functions: Installation Street Lights can provide several functionalities. You should look for the capabilities of the light that you are planning to buy. It should offer the functions that you want your lights to have.


Installation of intelligent street lights and cobra head lights can significantly reduce your energy costs. They are reasonably priced, and one should prefer them over traditional light sources because of their numerous benefits. The cost of street lights differs depending on their features and properties. You should purchase lights that are cost-effective yet offer essential elements.

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