How Much does It Cost to Install a Flood light?

Though flood light services are very much common, but still, people always face a lot of concerns related to them. Such doubts include how to install a perfect led flood light bulb, why choose flood lights, what is the cost of installation and many more. Though getting solutions to all such problems is easy, but the major question is how much does it cost to install a flood light. If you are also looking for the answer to the same question, we have a perfect solution to all such problems. So, let’s have a look at the information below:

Outdoor flood lights are the option, which can be used as a security option. Moreover, it is very much beneficial for adding more beauty to the particular area. It makes people feel safer. They provide more light to the entrance and even pathways. It is the best option to install in commercial as well as residential areas.

Different types of flood lights

Before understanding the cost of the fled flood light bulbs, you must understand different types of flood lights on the based outdoor flood lights angle because the cost of flood lights depends upon the type of floodlight you choose. Most of the flood lights offer to light of 120 degrees. Major types of flood light bulbs includes

solar street light

Solar Flood light

As its name describes that solar flood lights are the best light, which works using solar energy. The cost of solar flood light is around $100 to $500. The hardware used within this solar flood light is costly, and it requires a lot of wiring while using the solar flood lights.

street light

Waterproof Flood lights

Waterproof flood lights knew for Ingress Protection. They are the best option to use across dusty areas. It also offers more amount of liquid resistance. When choosing waterproof flood lights, you have to pay $200 to $400 for 200 to 800-watt flood lights. On the other hand, the cost of the electrician for a waterproof flood light is $50 to $400 per hour.

LED lighting

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

When you are choosing a ground Fault circuit interrupter, then you need to have outdoor fixtures for it. The average price for the ground fault circuit interrupter is around $1500 to $3000.

street light

Portable Lights

Portable home depot flood lights are the best option to use during the night by crew or laborers. They are the best option to use during emergencies. There are many different types of portable lights even though they are available in multiple colors, and even you can find out it in a yellow, soft, and warm tones.

street light

Motion Sensors and Timers

The cost of the motion sensors and timers or outdoor flood lights angles around $25 to $50. But in this option of outside security lights, the cost of choosing the electrician is a little bit higher. It means you need to pay more for the electrician in this type of flood light.

Typically, the outdoor flood lights require only 120 degrees illumination, and they are the perfect option to choose for the broader areas. They are the best option to choose for the residential as well as commercial spaces. When you choose led flood lights for your street, sodium halogen is the best choice for you. While you will make your led flood lights motion detectors, then you will make it safer to use. This will make the lights sense any movement, which is happening across the distance of 75 feet. During the stable condition, the LED lights got switch off. You can turn off your lights using multiple operations like during sunrise or sunset. But the thing that you must keep in mind is that you should use the best quality of it. But when you connect LED or CFL along with the wrong sensors, then you can make your lights get burnt.

How much is the price of the installation of a flood light?

Now, coming to the significant question of what is the price of installation, we have the answer to the question.

The price for installing flood lights starts from only $7 to $5500, and it is all for stadium lighting. The flood lights always work on high wattage, and they are quite common across industrial and commercial areas. Besides this, sodium halogen is the best choice to use for the option of street lights. While you will choose the metal halide flood lights, then you need to pay around 70 to 20,000$ for the installation processes. These are the only type of flood lights, which are getting so much popular these days. The reason behind this is their low consumption needs. When we talk about flood lights with low energy consumption, then LED lights are the option that always comes into mind.

The cost for the installation of the flood light is low in the case of the residential outdoor flood lights. When you will choose 20 watt flood lights for your residence, then you have to pay around $10. You can use that for your sidewalk and even for the outside of your house. When you will increase the wattage and add a motion sensor into it, then you need to pay $20 for it.

Here we have the pricing options for the installing flood lights

  • The price for 16W fluorescent replacement bulb starts from only $3.
  • The price for 65W replacement bulb starts from only $4
  • The price for 10W LED flashlight starts from only $5
  • The price of adjustable knuckles starts from only $50
  • The price for the LED solar powered flood lights or outdoor flood lights starts from only $50 and ends at $350
  • The price for 30W led flood lights starts from only $75
  • The price for trunion starts from only $200
  • The price for 10 pieces 100W LED flood lights starts from only $75
  • The price for Cree 160W LED starts from only $75
  • The price for Lumapro 150W LED starts from only $300
  • The price for 10 pieces 100W starts from only $300
street light
street light

Things on which the installation depends

The factors on which the cost of installation depends includes

  • The price for the installation depends upon the area you are living in. The more competition the less will be the price of installation. For example, the cost of the flood light installation is different for the areas like Chicago, USA, and China.
  • After this, the cost of installation also depends upon the experience and the type of electrician you hire. If you are going to hire the electrician on an hourly basis, then you need to pay according to the time consumed.
  • The cost of the installation also depends upon the electric circuit and the wiring option you are choosing.
  • Secondly, it also depends upon the type of the floodlight you are choosing and even on the power that you are looking for.
  • The cost of the installation also depends upon the manual or automatic lights option that you are choosing. Moreover, it also depends upon the brand that you are choosing for your outside security lights.


At last, we hope that you have cleared with how much you need to spend on the installation of flood lights. The above discussion will help you in planning your budget for the flood light installation.

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