How to Attach Outdoor Lights to Brick

The yard can be monotonous at night, and that’s when we might want to hang strings of outdoor lights to add a touch of color to the night. If you have a brick wall or fence, you can hang strings of outdoor lights! And there are many ways to hang strings of outdoor lights without damaging the bricks. It’s not hard to attach lights to brick.

I. Preparatory work to be done for hanging outdoor lights

Step 1: Prepare materials and measure in advance.
Where you are ready to be creative, choose where you will install the outdoor lights. And use a tape measure to determine the precise distance from start to finish. If you plan to hang the light string slightly between their connection points, be sure to leave extra space. Pendant lights are suspended in loose arcs, so please consider the extra distance when making calculations. And the first test that every lamp on the string can be normally illuminated.

a.Choose the right suspension position

Use adhesive
Suppose you choose to use adhesives to hang outdoor light strings. Then it would help if you had a quasi-adhesive or hot glue gun in advance. Suppose you are not sure what kind of adhesive or hot glue gun is suitable for bonding the outdoor light string. Or you know how to choose adhesives, but you don’t know how to use them. If you have these questions, please don’t worry because there will be a separate explanation later in this article.
Okay, back to the topic if you choose adhesive to hang LED strings. You also need to measure the height of the suspension and the length of the LED string. At the same time, it should note that must consider the measured size after connecting to the power supply. If you want to suspend the outdoor light string, you must also measure the distance between the two hanging points. This distance is greater than the distance of the outdoor light series. If the distance measurement has been resolved, then we also need to prepare the string of outdoor lights, hooks, cable pods, wire tools, and some ropes that may use.
Use nails
Suppose you choose to install nails on the wall to hang the LED light string. Then you don’t need to prepare an adhesive or hot glue gun. What you need to train at this time are hammers and nails. We find the position to hang and then find the job where the pins are relatively easy to install. It is best to make sure the work of the nails is to be installed slowly and do not change the position randomly because the holes made by the nails are irrecoverable.

b.Mounting screw hook

Use nails or adhesives to install the hooks or stakes that hang the light string in the corresponding position. If you are using nails, we need to check the depth of the stakes before starting. The proper depth can fix the wire to the wood without cutting the connection or putting too much pressure on the wire itself. Start the installation at the place closest to the power outlet, and remember to leave enough space for yourself to plug in the outdoor light after you finish the installation.

c. Turn on the power and test the effect.

And pay attention to waterproof protection at the power socket to not damage the power supply due to rain.

II.String lights suitable for hanging in public places

attach string lights to the house
hang string lights to the tree
attach string lights to fen fence
hang outdoor string lights on concrete

III.What kind of adhesive is suitable for sticking to the wall

Multi-purpose adhesives

Having a large number of outdoor light strings to glue or when you are looking for more adhesives, you will have to abandon the task. You see, this is quite an inconvenience in terms of time and money. Especially if you don’t have a plan, for this reason, you need a high-capacity wall adhesive to hold it in place once and for all.
You can use Versatile on a variety of wall surfaces, including; concrete, plywood, particleboard, carpet, and tile. It is a solid and reliable latex-based wall adhesive. In addition, it can be repositioned in less than 24 hours and becomes brittle and hard. If you want a good adhesive with good adhesion, then this is a good choice.
Unlike other adhesives of this type, this adhesive is non-flammable, low odor, and low VOC content. This means it is safe to use as it does not catch fire easily and does not cause dizziness or headaches.

Duct tape

Duct tape can stick to painted surfaces and will not only stick but be difficult to remove without damaging the paint. The longer it drags on, the worse it will get. So if you want to stick something to the wall, it will work.
But your best bet is waterproof tape and a low adhesion type of tape that won’t remove new paint or wallpaper.

Multi-purpose construction adhesives

This wall adhesive is universal and suitable for construction work but is not recommended as a outdoor light string adhesive. It will last a long time without falling off anything that is attached to the wall, however. This adhesive is versatile and compatible with most surfaces. Some of these include; wood, masonry, plaster, foam board, gypsum board and cork wall surfaces. But here are some caveats: the adhesive will melt in extremely hot weather. So using it to glue heavy materials to outdoor walls is not a good idea. But all in all, adhesives are powerful and work perfectly in mild weather. This means that the environment of your string outdoor lights should not be too hot or too cold.

Command strips

No, it is not suitable for attaching hanging lamps. The product is compatible with most surfaces. Therefore, you can use it on tile, wood, glass, marble, and granite. But the command strip is only suitable for use on smooth surfaces. So the location of hanging string outdoor lights is usually outdoors, so don’t choose the command strip to paste the connection. Its outstanding features are: non-combustible and non-flammable, safe to use. The surface is waterproof and easy to clean after application.

IV.How to use a hot glue gun

If you choose to use a heat gun to attach the string outdoor lights, this is also a good choice. Heat guns work well, especially for gluing strings of outdoor lights on stakes where other types of adhesives may take minutes or hours to set correctly, hot melt glue bonds in less than a minute, firmly and flexibly.
You may need to deal with stripped screw holes in the wood when hanging outdoor light strings. When you encounter a screw that has stopped setting at this point, do not reach for the wood filler or putty. Instead, grab your hot glue gun. Fill the hole, allow the glue to dry, and then drill a pilot hole with a 1/8-inch drill bit. Insert the screw to hold it in place securely.

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