How To Design Flood Lighting For A Football Pitch?


LED flood lights are very common to use nowadays. These have become excellent replacements for traditional filament bulbs or tube lights. Most of you have seen the high-pitched flood light in the stadiums. Have you wondered what type of light they have been using in it? They use flood lighting. This particular flood light is found where you require too much light from artificial sources. People use LED flood lights not only for player and audience visibility but also for broadcasting television matches with clear lighting. Occasionally, match organizers will install portable LED flood lights. This feature allows them to install floodlighting anywhere. Next, we will discuss some information about designing floodlighting for football pitches.

Lighting requirement for the football field


A football field at night requires good floodlighting. Therefore, the organizing team paid particular attention to setting up these floodlights in the stadium. Before a match starts, they have to fulfill this essential requirement by arranging the best LED flood lights. Whether it is a national or international match, you need to follow the required rules for setting up floodlighting. For the selection of the floodlight, you’d better choose different measurements and types of lights. The number of LED lights you use in the stadium is also dependent on the size of the stadium. The size of the stadium determines the level of floodlights installed in it. For example, below is the set of levels of this flood lighting.

  • Training matches are for flood light 200 lx.
  • National matches are for flood light 500 lx.
  • For the professional matches of the game, it is 700 lx.
  • You need a 1000 lx flood light to broadcast a match on television.
  • For World Cups or big international matches, it is 1500 lx.

Generally, world cups like FIFA require good illumination. It is because the match is viewed live and on giant television screens. That would be best if you didn’t compromise on the quality of these LED flood lights. It is, therefore, your responsibility to hire the proper event-organizing companies. So, they must have excellent knowledge of outdoor flood lights.
Organizing matches at night can sometimes take much work for the organizers. That is mainly because experts are well aware of the proper fixtures for placing these lights. So everyone can view the match properly in the full illumination of flood lighting. Your flood lights are useless if the audience cannot see the match correctly.

Football field lighting design

Well, if you are new to designing soccer field lighting, follow the experts. Designing flood lighting for the field isn’t an effortless thing to do. You cannot just place and fix lights everywhere. Hence, signing a project for flood lighting of a football field can be challenging. But if you opt to procure such a project, do it efficiently. First of all, you need to examine the area yourself physically. Go with your team and estimate the pitch. It will give you an idea of where to set up the flood lights for the football pitch. Do the specific calculations for the flood light on the football field.
The main essential things on which you have to focus are the following:

  • Field or stadium area.
  • Poles are required for the flood light.
  • Specify where you have to insert LED flood lights on the poles.
  • The height of the mast to hold flood lights
  • Know the levels of matches to be played in the stadium.

To design a football stadium, you need to consult a flood lighting designer who can do this job for you. A lighting designer will design the LED flood light patterns and installation places through software. You can view a practical demonstration of the field and LED flood light on software. The next step is to plan the flood lighting through the same software. For example, they will figure out what output of light is required, which lumens are required, and what the beam angle of these flood lights should be.

Types of flood lights

Choosing the flood lighting can sometimes be difficult if you see a variety through which you have to pick. Let’s now see different kinds of flood lights.

1. Fluorescent flood lights

It is commonly used for the higher life span it has. You don’t have to worry about replacing it frequently. This flood light’s price range is reasonable compared to other types. Hence, it will cost you lower costs in both terms of purchase and maintenance. But fluorescent bulbs can contain mercury, which should be reasonably disposed of. Recycling properly can reduce damage to both your health and the environment.

2. Halogen flood lights

The halogen type can produce high-intensity light. Therefore, use it in football matches so players can easily play under high illumination. However, halogen bulbs can be inefficient and have a short life span. This makes them less suitable for where long-lasting illumination is required.

3. Flood light with high-intensity discharge

If you use this flood light type, you should always consider purchasing it rather than halogen bulbs. It demands fewer replacements and is more energy-efficient. But the majority of HID lamps emit UV radiation, which poses no small risk to health.

4. Solar outdoor flood lights

As solar power is now replacing other modes of power, similarly, flood lights are made with solar technology. The initial cost of these flood lights is higher than the battery-operated lights. But fewer units of electricity will be consumed with solar.

5. LED flood lights

Compared to the types of lights mentioned above, outdoor LED flood lights are the most efficient. First, LEDs use less energy than fluorescent bulbs. They can also last up to 50,000 hours if properly maintained and used. This will make your monthly electricity bill much more affordable. And it takes very little time for LED flood lights to reach their maximum brightness. They are also much more environment-friendly than the other options and will not cause any significant damage to your environment or health. It should be noted that LED bulbs can also be the most expensive. If you are looking for the best bulb and are willing to spend on your outdoor flood lights, then LED bulbs might be the right choice.

The significance of LED flood lights


The outdoor LED flood lights are very significant for many reasons. If you talk about their specifications, it takes you into the stadium flood lighting. Unlike other lights, these lights are more powerful and brighter. Have you ever seen a live football match in a stadium? Stadium organizers install flood lights everywhere to make the stadium appear illuminated. Similarly, the LED flood light doesn’t irritate your eyes. The makers of these lights pay special attention to the sensitivity of the lights. The illumination of flood lighting doesn’t make your eyes sensitive, and you can comfortably view the match.
In designing a football field, organizers generally install these lights at specific spots. They make a particular pattern of the LED flood light to illuminate the area thoroughly. The floodlights are long last. Once you have installed the LED flood light in a stadium, don’t worry about replacing them. Though the intensity of the light may decrease if used for an extended period. However, they won’t fuse earlier. A LED flood light can run continuously for more than 50,000 hours. If the intensity of light reduces, then replace the LED flood light.
The makers of flood lighting use high technology to make the circuits intelligent and efficient. The energy it consumes will produce a great deal of light. So it wastes a tiny amount of energy as heat when it is powered on. Most importantly, manufacturers incorporate heat management systems into flood lighting. This system suspends the heat produced by the floodlights. Eventually, the floodlights will be cool. When makers activate this system, it reduces the LED flood lights to produce little heat.

What to consider when buying LED flood lights?

The specification of flood lighting you choose is always according to the usage of the LED flood light. Similarly, remember your choice of flood light should be according to the size or area of the field. Supposedly, you can’t select a small outdoor flood light if you are installing it for the FIFA World Cup. Your purpose is to illuminate the stadium well so that nobody faces an issue seeing the match.
Below are some specifications of LED flood lights.

1. The brightness of the flood light

You might have come across the term lux level to measure the brightness of the flood lighting. It is the standard through which you differentiate the level of brightness. You can differentiate which type of match will be played through these brightness levels. For example, you need to install high-illuminating flood lighting for televised matches. For non-televised matches, medium illumination by LED flood light is sufficient.

2. Uniform light

Your flood lighting should have been of the outdoor flood light type and for indoor fields too. The flood light you are about to select should produce uniform light so that the entire area is illuminated with uniformity. The LED flood light design should reflect the players and the audience. Both should be satisfied with the LED flood lights.

3. Power rating

Usually, you will get a LED flood light with a power rating of less than 1500 W but more than 1000 Watts. The light source’s power depends on the number of flood light bulbs and LED flood lights to be installed.

4. Uniformity of illuminance

Then, select the uniformity of illuminance and the quality of floodlighting.


Searching for the best outdoor flood lights for football pitch lighting is challenging but never impossible. It would be best if you always considered LED outdoor flood lights to illuminate dark and big areas. These are the best options available, the floodlights with abundant features. In addition, this article also gives you some football field lighting standards and advice. It can be of help to you.

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