How To Design LED Roadway Lighting?


No one can ignore the importance of roadway lighting. Especially for people traveling, clear roadway lighting improves visibility, reduces the likelihood of danger, and increases safety. With the need for reality and the advancement of technology, you will find that many areas have started to introduce LED street lighting. Indeed, LED roadway lighting can provide the same or higher illumination levels with lower energy consumption than conventional lighting. Undoubtedly, this can be very cost-effective for road construction. If you are also thinking of installing LED street lighting, read on.

What is the purpose of roadway lighting?

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Just as the purpose of everything you do is clear, we should understand why it is necessary before discussing roadway lighting. At night, when the probability of accidents and hazards increases significantly, this is when roadway lighting comes into play. Road users are primarily pedestrians and motorists, and adequate roadway lighting allows them to see the road and its surrounding area more accurately and easily. This can significantly reduce the stress on road users and, therefore, the likelihood of accidents at night. Many road users can drive very smoothly and quickly, which is undoubtedly an improvement to the road traffic situation at night as well. In addition, with perfect road lighting, crime on the roads at night will be significantly reduced.

The requirements of roadway lighting

Lighting aids in improving human visibility. For instance, poor lighting will impair your vision and make it challenging to discern information. In a similar vein, good lighting enhances vision and makes it simpler to discern information. Contrast is another factor that influences vision. It shows how the brightness of the background and the objects differs. The capacity to differentiate also increases as background and object contrast levels rise. Bright backgrounds will create glare, which will reduce the contrast level. It is difficult to see everything because of this. Therefore, adequate lighting is required to improve user visibility. In addition, you need to know two concepts, the luminance concept and the illumination concept. The light reflected from a surface is measured using the luminance concept. While measuring light that reaches the surface is done using the illumination concept. Compared to the illuminance notion, the luminance concept is more intricate and requires in-depth knowledge. This is necessary because you’ll require comprehensive knowledge of the reflecting properties of various surfaces. It sounds like a lot of suffering, doesn’t it? If you have questions about roadway lighting design, feel free to contact us.

The best LED street lights for roadway lighting

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With regard to roadway lighting, there are many options on the market. However, people tend to choose products that are highly efficient and less costly. The LED street light can fulfill this requirement. It allows for higher visibility and lower energy consumption.


Compared to conventional luminaires, LED roadway lights are less prone to damage. Generally speaking, outdoor LED street lights can operate for around 100,000 hours if they are working properly. This means you don’t have to spend too much effort on replacing and maintaining the luminaire.

Higher visibility

The luminous quality of LED lights is superb, thus making it beneficial for roadway lighting. This factor makes it feasible in terms of safety management.


This is arguably an area of great concern. There may still be concerns about LED street lighting, for example, its price. But the energy-saving factor that LED street lighting brings makes it all disappear. Roadway lighting is an aspect that requires durability, but you can manage energy costs by acting wisely. Using more LED roadway lights will bring good visibility and energy savings.

Factors to consider when designing LED roadway lighting


The mounting height of the light

The mounting height of the light is a factor you must consider. This is because there are some restrictions in this area. Therefore, it is essential to check the mounting height of the LED street light before designing it. You have to be aware that the cantilever length of the light must not exceed 1/4 of the mounting height. A maximum elevation angle of 15 degrees is also required.

The position of the lights

In roadway lighting, lights installed in different positions play different roles. Only when the lights are installed following the correct lighting solution will they produce excellent results. The one-sided configuration is ideal for narrow streets with two lanes. There won’t be consistent lighting on broad streets. The staggered spacing configuration is typically utilized for roads. The multi-lane roads which use this design can receive the ideal distribution of light. For multi-lane facilities, contrary configurations are also used because of effective light dispersion.

Glare reduction

When designing LED roadway lighting, don’t forget about glare. Glare is the perception of light that results from uncontrolled and excessive brightness. It can make things uncomfortable and irritable and make things harder to see. Using more lamps and lower wattage lighting designs is perfect as it will reduce glare.

IP rating

The IP rating should be taken into account while selecting LED street lighting. Choose between IP66 and IP67. Of course, the more rain it can endure and the more durable it will be, the better the IP rating. Lightning can be withstood by sturdy fixtures, which also guarantee lasting illumination. Kanglight LED outdoor lighting supplier can offer IP66 LED street lights for our customers worldwide.


By reading this article, we hope to help you to have proper LED street lighting. We know that designing and installing street lighting can be a very challenging task for the novice. That’s what this article is all about. Kanglight is one of the best Chinese LED street light manufacturers. When choosing and installing cobra head LED street lights outdoor from Kanglight, you can significantly reduce road use stress and the likelihood of accidents and hazards occurring at night. This will help to ensure the safety of everyone. You can always contact us if you want to find out more about street lights LED.

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