Why Should You Use Intelligent Street Lights VS Cobra Head Lights

Intelligent Street Lights are energy-saving light sources that can change the way municipalities and governments manage cities. In addition to saving energy, you can use them on existing poles to save infrastructure costs as well.

Intelligent Street Lights offer enhanced functionalities and capabilities. They can be equipped with cameras, sensors, and speakers for different purposes.

Here are the key advantages of Intelligent Street Lights that will tell you why using them is beneficial.


Benefits of Intelligent Street Lights

Intelligent Street Lights are a modern and advanced system of street lights. They help governments and municipalities build smart cities. Here are the advantages of using them in a street or roadway.

Reduce the overall cost of energy

Street lights consume a lot of energy. The cost of street light electrical energy is around 40% of the total electricity cost of a city. Intelligent Street Lights are efficient. Their dimming feature and motion activation helps save light when it is in no one’s use.

Increased safety, security, and satisfaction of citizens

Intelligent Street Lights offer several features that can help the municipality improve citizen satisfaction and safety. These lights can improve traffic flow, monitor weather conditions, display traffic signage, give warnings to the public, and make crosswalks safer for pedestrians. On the whole, these features benefit in several ways and make cities safer for all.

Install on existing poles

You do not have to invest in infrastructure in order to install Intelligent Street Lights. It is because these lights can install on existing poles and similar structures. There is no need to install separate poles for them. It will save you time, money, and space.

Many revenue opportunities

Compared to traditional street lights, Intelligent Street Lights offer several revenue opportunities. You can use digital signage, Wi-Fi hotspots, and many other options to earn through Intelligent Street Lights.

Reduce maintenance costs and time

Street light maintenance costs both time and money. The maintenance crew has to block a small area in order to get access to light. It may disturb traffic flow. Intelligent Street Lights reduce this issue. You can monitor issues in the system while sitting in your office. The cameras also help in finding a suitable time to send the crew to repair the defective part.

Deliver many capabilities

One of the best things about Intelligent Street Lights is their ability to incorporate a wide variety of technologies to offer several capabilities simultaneously. You can use Intelligent Street Lights for the following purposes.

  • Emergency response: Lights can activate and deactivate to guide emergency workers to reach a particular area.
  • Weather monitoring: Intelligent Street Lights have sensors that can detect humidity, level of toxins, etc., to help officials monitor the weather.
  • Crime prevention: Cameras can assist police forces in finding criminals walking on the streets. They can also help them prevent crimes even before they happen.
  • Traffic control: Video obtained through cameras can help find out traffic routes. Municipalities make amendments to their traffic regulation rules based on the current needs observed through the camera.
  • Warnings: Speakers can incorporate into smart street light systems to send public warnings and notifications.
  • Public aids: They can serve as public kiosks to provide directions to passersby.

Benefits of cobra head lights

corba head light
coarb head light

The following benefits of cobra head street lights will tell why you should install them on the streets.

Durable and lasting

They are made up of durable materials and contain LEDs. Since they experience changing environmental conditions, they need to be sturdy enough to tolerate a wide variety of environmental factors. These lights are designed such that they bear environmental factors well and operate as a new fixture even after years.

Color rendering

They have good color rendering ability, which helps in viewing objects clearly. You can get cobra head street lights in white and yellow colors. Both offer great visibility at night. Choosing one of these colors depends on your personal preference and needs.

Conserve electricity

Street lights consume a lot of energy because they do extensively use in large areas. It is best to use light sources that can help save electricity. Cobra head lights are an example of such light sources. They have LEDs that produce powerful light while consuming only a few watts. These lights allow people to save electricity and use it for better purposes. This can also help you save money in the long run.


Cobra head street lights are affordable. They offer many benefits, yet their prices are low compared to some other light sources. You can find them in different sizes and varieties. All varieties offer unique features.

Safe to use in different environments

Using safe street lights is very important as it determines the safety of residents of the area where they are installed. Cobra head street lights use DC power. They do generally consider secure, meaning you can use them without having to worry about public safety.

Appropriate size

They are small in size compared to traditional street lights. They contain sensitive LED chips, which are small yet produce powerful light. LED lights help save space and keep the weight low.

Many color choices

Cobra head lights are manufactured in different colors. You can buy the color that best meets your needs.

Less dissipation of heat

LEDs are an advanced form of light. Their heat dissipation is very low compared to traditional light sources such as incandescent bulbs. Cobra head lights use LEDs. It makes them a good light choice for even indoor settings.

Light in weight

Cobra head lights do manufacture using electroluminescent material, which makes them light in weight. Due to this feature, they can easily transport from area to area for installation. They can also be carried in hands without having the need to get the assistance of another person.

The wrap-up

There are several benefits of using Intelligent Street Lights and cobra head street lights. Both can help you save electricity, money, and maintenance costs. They are durable light sources that produce powerful light. Intelligent Street Lights offer many other features that can help municipalities build safe and smart cities.

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