Ushering in a New Era of LED Street Light

LED street lights are gradually replacing ordinary street lights. Traditional street lights are now facing tough competition. Led lights claim to be more efficient. Led street light bulbs refer to a new generation of LED lighting products. It is used in various outdoor street lights, such as decoration or lighting in city streets, roads, highways, bridges, and other places. Compared with ordinary lamps (HPS/HID), street light can not only save energy. It can also extend the service life of the luminaire system. In addition to high energy efficiency and service life, cobra head street light also has solid environmental characteristics. It has no mercury pollution, a long life span, and no maintenance costs. Therefore, street light have gained popularity in many countries, gradually replacing traditional street light sources like HPS / HID.

Common Myths About LED Street Lighting


Myth 1: LED street light bulbs are too expensive to replace HPS / HID lamps

          2: LED lights have insufficient light intensity.

          3: Cobra head street lights have a color shift and a short service life of LEDs.

          4: LED Street Lights are More Harmful to Animals and Humans than Traditional Street Lights

          5: Street lights are compatible with LED traffic signals.

          6: LED lighting systems are less expensive than traditional lighting systems.

Fact 1:

According to actual market information, the price of traditional lamps is twice as high as that of LED lamps, so it will save energy consumption costs in the long run.

Fact 2:

The design parameter for LED luminous efficiency is 100 lm/w, and they have already reached 120 lm/w today. It can provide sufficient lighting according to the distance between two luminaires. Therefore, there is no problem with regard to light intensity, such as glare and shadows on vertical surfaces. In addition, its heat dissipation area has been greatly reduced compared to HPS / HID lamps.

Fact 3:

In actual use, many new-generation products with excellent quality have been launched on the market at the same time, which has solved these problems to some degree. Besides, it can not be judged from only the appearance that its service life is shorter than HPS / HID lamps. In fact, there are no standard requirements for reporting service lives of LED street lights. The corresponding standards cannot be established at present because of insufficient research into the aging mechanisms of LEDs and long-life tests on-track results.

However, under normal operating conditions. Since its introduction to outdoor lighting applications in recent years. It proves to have good performance with a uniform distribution of color and uniform light intensity. It also has a good consistency in color rendering index, low color decay stability, and high luminous efficiency. In addition, it is easy to maintain and clean. The service life can be expected to increase from the current 30000 hours to 50000 hours–a lifespan that approximates that of HPS / HID lamps.

Fact 4:

Street lights fixture with low luminous intensity can reduce the impact on animals and humans, but it does not mean that they are completely non-polluting. The problem is how to avoid glare and light pollution when selecting lamp positions and designing luminaire optical systems.

In fact, in most parts of the world, such problems do not exist because most cities use high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS / HID) as their streetlights. This means we have already caused these damages to human beings and animals. Another advantage of LED lighting is that it can be used in all weather conditions, including foggy or dusty regions where traditional lamps cannot be used due to degradation of visibility.

Fact 5:

Led street light bulbs should be segregated from the LED signal lamp to push forward the development of the solid-state lighting industry. The reason is that different types of lamps have different technical requirements for control gear and power supply.

At present, due to the limited size of light-emitting diodes, they cannot meet all luminaire optical design needs because they can only produce directional light. It is necessary to use a variety of lenses according to actual needs during luminaire optical design in order to achieve both uniformity and high luminous efficiency; this is not possible due to the limitations on the sizes of LEDs at present (for non-segregated application). In addition, special attention must be paid to heat dissipation design so as to ensure the reliability of LED street lights.

Fact 6:

It is true that the price of lamps has dropped dramatically, but the initial costs and service and maintenance costs must be taken into account in order to make a more accurate comparison with HPS / HID lamps. At present, most LED manufacturers offer at least five years warranty for their products; however, many suppliers can only provide a one-year warranty after installation due to insufficient product testing infrastructure and quality control on-site.

In addition, it is necessary to consider not only lamp prices but also the cost of luminaire equipment such as controllers and poles when assessing total costs for a specific lighting project. In terms of street lighting, the prices of LED lamps and luminaire equipment are similar to those of traditional HPS / HID lamp systems. Therefore, from an economic point of view, LED lighting systems can save energy, but it is not possible for them to greatly reduce costs at present.

Why Are LED Street Lights White?


The color of a light source is defined by the characteristics of both the spectral power distribution and the correlated color temperature. The former describes how much energy there is in each color of the spectrum, whereas the latter indicates whether that energy is more towards red or blue.
By mixing together various colors of LEDs, street lighting engineers can create white light that appears similar to that of the sun, and this white light has higher efficiency and longer life.

Are LED Street Lights Dimmable?


Given that LED technology is still in its infancy and only a few years old, it should come as no surprise that there are dimmable, and you can reduce the luminosity of the LED lights.

What is the Wattage of LED Street Lights?


Although it may not be as bright as other bulbs, LED street lights fixture can save you a lot of money because they only use the energy required to light the road and not the entire surrounding area.

Typically, LED street lights range from 30 watts to 150 watts; however, this wattage is based on direct drive and does not incorporate additional power, which would be necessary for the control gear to drive energy-efficient LEDs.

What is the Lumen Output of LED Street Lights?

The lumen output of an LED street light determines how bright it is – in other words, how much illumination it can provide in a given area. These are typically measured between 200 and 4000 lumens depending on the specific application.

Why Do LED Street Lights Have a Unique Appearance?

The unique appearance of LED street lights is due to the color difference between the LED chip itself and its housing. The color temperature of an uncoated band-pass optical filter exceeds 4000K. Which often makes it appear blue, whereas the color of LED chips is between 5000K and 6000K.

What features will become important in future LED street lights?

In the future, LED street lights will provide a much better range of benefits for communities and residents. In order to meet the needs of different road users, it is necessary to continue to improve upon LED lighting systems. For example, drivers may benefit from higher illumination levels in poorly lit areas. While pedestrians may need lower light levels when walking at night within urban streets. Therefore, a panel that can be adjusted by each user will be a good choice for this purpose.

Additionally, in the future, people will want smart infrastructure where they have access to information on individual streets and neighborhoods via their mobile devices so as to avoid dangerous or high-crime areas when commuting or traveling through cities. In addition, technology such as GPS will allow drivers and pedestrians alike to access real-time information on available parking and traffic density.

Advantages Of LED Street Lights

Here are several advantages of LED Street lights

Low Energy Consumption

The main advantage of LED street lamps is that they are very energy efficient. Because the cost of electricity has risen dramatically over the past few years. This is a great benefit for all municipalities and cities to save on their monthly bills.

Efficient Light Distribution

The light distribution in street lights is much better than in conventional streetlights. This means that more of the light will be directed down towards the ground. Which results in less energy wasted on lighting the sky and surrounding areas.

Longer Lamp Life Span

Unlike traditional HPS / HID lamps, street lights to have a longer lamp life span. Because they are compact and have no components that can burn out or get too hot. They last up to five times longer than other types of streetlights. Unlike conventional lamps, you do not need to replace them frequently – this saves time for maintenance staff!

Lightweight Design

LED street lights are made of aluminum alloy shell with high-precision die-casting. The weight is much lower than that of traditional street lights, which makes them easier to install.

Increased Safety

The light emitted by LED street lamps has a color temperature between 5000K and 7500K. This means that they emit more blue-rich spectral power, which results in the appearance of whiter light. Since most crime happens at night, many people are concerned with personal safety when walking in the dark. An increasing number of studies have shown that white lighting can improve visibility better than yellow or green lighting. This is due to the high contrast created by objects on the ground when illuminated by white light.

Help to Keep it Cool

Because of their compact design, street light bulbs are more efficient at dissipating heat. This reduces the risk of overheating and greatly extends the life of the lamp.

Lighting is becoming an increasingly important issue for local governments around the world. They have to provide good lighting for residential areas while reducing energy costs at the same time. Fortunately, with today’s LED technology, there is no longer any need to compromise between cost-efficient lighting and bright illumination.

Non-Toxic and Less Glare

LED street lights are free from chemicals such as mercury or lead, which are hazardous to both humans and the environment. They are RoHS compliant, meaning that they do not contain any harmful toxins. Their color temperature is also lower than that of conventional lighting, which means less glare for drivers on the road at night time.

The first city to use LED street light bulbs was Los Angeles in 2008, followed by New York City in 2012.

How to Find the Best LED Street Light Manufacturers?

When it comes to cobra head street lights, the quality of light and performance of the product is just as important as its price. You need to find a LED street light company that can provide high-quality products at reasonable prices while making sure their workmanship is flawless. Here are some tips for finding such a LED street light company:

1) Make sure they have been in business long enough to understand your needs;

2) Ensure they understand local laws and regulations;

3) Check customer reviews and feedback;

4) Ask for references and check them out accordingly.

What to Look for When Purchasing LED Street Lights?

There are several things that you should consider before buying LED street lights from any LED street light company. Firstly, you need to make sure they meet local safety and performance standards. Secondly, the installation method needs to be considered. This is because some companies provide components such as poles or lamps separately. Finally, take a look at their warranty and after-sale service guarantees.

New technology makes it possible for people around the world to enjoy comfortable lighting with lower costs and fewer environmental concerns. If your city uses conventional street lamps, it might be time to switch over to LEDs. Because of their longer life span and superior light distribution, LED street lamps will help keep your city safe and illuminated for many years to come!


Though LED street lights are more expensive at the moment. They can help your city save money in the long run. And you could be saving a lot of money as well as energy in the long run.

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