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The street light is a lighting facility that provides the necessary visibility for vehicles and pedestrians on the road at night. Street lights are the “eyes” of the city and play an essential role in the process of urban development. Perfect urban street lighting can not only provide a comfortable night environment for people traveling but also ensure traffic safety and improve traffic efficiency. Nowadays, due to the development of LED technology, the era of new street lighting has produced revolutionary changes. LED street lighting can reduce energy consumption and be more environmentally friendly, reduce light pollution in the city, and provide people with an excellent urban street lighting environment. If you are interested in urban LED street lighting, start reading!

The importance of urban street lighting

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There is no doubt that urban street lighting plays an important role in the development of a city. A street lighting system is an essential criterion for urban development, and every city’s night scene cannot be maintained without a street lighting system. In addition, street lighting can improve traffic conditions and contribute to road capacity and traffic safety.
Setting up lighting on motor vehicle traffic roads in cities creates a pleasing visual environment for drivers, reduces driver fatigue to ensure traffic safety, improves transportation efficiency, and beautifies the urban night environment. Set lighting on the sidewalk can be excellent for pedestrians to provide a comfortable and safe visual environment to ensure that pedestrians can see the road conditions. When the pedestrian encounters, it can timely identify the facial features of the opposite comer and determine their movement intentions, facilitate people’s communication, and effectively prevent criminal activities. Clear road lighting allows drivers to see the movement of other vehicles clearly to understand the speed and direction of the vehicle and determine the distance between the cars. In addition, the road lighting in residential areas helps create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere at night.

What elements should be noted in the design of urban street lighting?

Streets play an essential role in urban economic development, and good street lighting is of great significance to urban economic development. Not only can it beautify the city, but it also can promote economic prosperity. Urban street lighting usually contains traffic main road lighting, commercial street lighting, and leisure section lighting. The lighting design is different for different types of street types.

Urban commercial street lighting

A commercial street is a place for people to shop and play. Therefore, when designing night lighting, we need to focus on the commercial atmosphere to attract consumers to shop and spend time. In the process of lighting design, dynamic color advertising lighting, static facade lighting, and street lighting can be combined, thus improving the ornamental nature of commercial street lighting.

Urban recreational street lighting

A recreational road is a place for people to rest and walk, and the environment is usually quieter. Therefore, night lighting is appropriate to create a comfortable, leisurely, and elegant environment. In the lighting design, we should pay attention to the coordination of the lamp shape and the surrounding environment, which can be combined with garden lights, ground lights, and flood lights.

City trunk street lighting

The city’s main road is characterized by high traffic flow and fast traffic speed. The main purpose of trunk road lighting is to facilitate motor vehicles to drive at night and ensure safety. Therefore, in the process of lighting design, no need to pursue gorgeous and complex design but should focus on high brightness. The shape of the luminaire can choose a modern and straightforward streamlined shape and pay attention to good anti-glare measures.

In addition, urban street lighting is large and requires long-term use. Therefore, in the process of road lighting design, also fully consider the safety and energy-saving factors. Taking scientific and reasonable control methods, using energy-efficient lighting products reduces the energy loss brought about by road lighting to achieve the purpose of energy-saving and consumption reduction.

Why choose LED street lighting?

Nowadays, due to the development of LED technology, the era of new street lighting has produced revolutionary changes. More and more LED street lights are being used in urban street lighting. The following will discuss the benefits of choosing LED street lighting.

Long lifespan and low cost

The best LED street lights last up to 50,000 hours, so you don’t have to replace the lamp often or worry about damage to the LED street light bulbs. This means that when you choose LED street lighting, you will generally have no problem using them for three to five years. A longer lifespan means lower maintenance costs.

Energy saving

LED lights are very efficient and produce less energy consumption for the same lighting effect. This is a good thing for your electricity bill.

Good color rendering

LED street lighting has high color rendering. You will find that the light it emits is similar to natural light and can render various colors very accurately. This helps pedestrians and drivers to be able to see the road clearly. It provides a comfortable and safe visual environment while safeguarding traffic safety and improving transportation efficiency.

Environmentally friendly

The outdoor LED street lights are undoubtedly green and environmentally friendly. LED lights do not contain elements that pollute the environment, such as mercury and lead, and they do not emit ultraviolet or infrared rays, which pose a threat to human health. Green street lighting allows people to enjoy a high-quality, safe, quiet urban road environment. And it can protect the natural ecological environment while bringing long-term, good urban development plans.


Compared to another traditional lighting, LED lights give off less heat. This means that it does not make the surrounding area hot. This is a good thing on hot summer days. In addition, LED street lighting can provide more precise and brighter light to all corners of the city. It can be good for visibility and thus reduce the possibility of accidents and hazards. This can be an excellent way to ensure the safety of the whole city. When you choose LED street lighting, you choose safe and green lighting for your city.

The best urban LED street lighting

As one of the best Chinese LED street light manufacturers, Kanglight offers different kinds of LED street lights outdoor to customers all over the world. The high-quality LED street lighting is durable, energy-efficient, long-lasting, eco-friendly, and has high luminous efficacy that can provide the perfect road lighting environment in your city. In addition to this, all cobra head LED street lights are rated IP66. This means that your LED street lighting will function even in bad weather. Kanglight can also provide customers with a minimum 5-year warranty. High-quality and durable street lights LED from Kanglight are very popular in countries like USA and Australia. Below are the main products of LED street lights.

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City street lighting is used to decorate city blocks, commercial areas, and other places with light. It not only plays a role in night lighting but also beautifies the city and creates people’s nightlife. More and more LED street lights are used in urban street lighting to improve the quality of urban street lighting. Perfect LED street lighting can ensure traffic safety and improve traffic efficiency to the maximum extent.
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