The Perfect Guide To Outdoor Parking Lot Lights Buyers


The regular operation of a place is inseparable from the help of the parking lot, and parking lot lighting plays a key role. A professional outdoor car park lighting system will leave a great first and last impression on people. Whether it is a public or private parking lot, a safe and energy-efficient lighting system is crucial. If you are a parking lot lights buyer or want to know about parking lot lights, keep reading!

What is parking lot lighting?

Parking lot lighting refers to outdoor lighting installed on light poles in the parking lot. Compared with another lighting, parking lot lighting requirements are more stringent. This lighting is designed to achieve a broader, more even effect for maximum safety. Parking lot lights are often used to provide illumination, identify vehicles, and ensure safety.

What type of parking lot lights are the best? HID or LED?

What is HID?

High Intensity Discharge (HID) is the abbreviation of High Intensity Discharge Lamp. It is widely used due to its high efficiency in converting electricity to light and long rated life. The main types are mercury lamps, sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, and xenon lamps.

What is LED?

Light Emitting Diode, referred to as LED. It can efficiently convert electrical energy into light energy and has a wide range of uses in modern society, such as lighting, displays, medical devices, etc.


1. Energy cost

In order to provide better lighting, the parking lot will use very high wattage lights. According to statistics, the annual electricity cost of a one kilowatt HID lamp is about $520. The larger your parking lot, the cost will naturally increase with it. But LED lights consume 75% less energy than traditional lights. There is no doubt that LED lights relieve a lot of pressure on your parking lot expenses.

2. Maintenance cost

In addition to energy costs, maintenance costs are also necessary expenses. Because parking lot lights are often mounted on poles 15 feet or higher, professional bucket trucks or lifts are required to replace them. General premises do not have this professional equipment, so it is necessary to seek contractors for routine inspection and maintenance. Compared to HID lights, LED lights have a longer lifespan. The average rated life of an LED is 40,000 to 50,000 hours, which means you don’t have to replace it as often, which saves a lot of money.

3. Lighting performance

In outdoor parking lot lighting, lighting performance is the most critical factor. Depending on the type of HID lights you use in your parking lot, lighting performance will vary. For example, metal halide lamps present white light, and the lighting effect is perfect. But from the time the lamp is installed, the light output decreases rapidly over time. Therefore, the service life of the light is greatly reduced. On the contrary, another high pressure sodium has a low color rendering but a long service life.
Compared to them, LED lights have better lighting performance. LED lights have good color rendering, and the light output will not weaken with the increase of time.

4. Safety

One factor that must be considered when choosing a parking lot light is safety. Everything from horrific traffic accidents to unpredictable crimes is possible. A poorly lit parking lot is dangerous for everyone in and out. Compared with the HID lights, the LED lighting effect is better. LED lights are brighter and more apparent, reducing the risks and accidents.

5. Appearance

Along with the advancement of technology and improved performance, the new LED lights have also undergone significant changes in appearance. No longer the humble little box, replaced by a more attractive appearance.

Consider installing LED lights for your outdoor parking lot!

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You will find that LED parking lot lights are worth investing in through the above reading. LED parking lot lights can provide you with a better light source. It saves a lot of energy and minimizes your costs. Choose the most suitable LED lights for your outdoor parking area lighting!
If you decide to use LED lights for your parking lot, you need to consider some questions.

1. Lighting area

An essential factor that should also be considered when choosing parking lights is the lighting area. You need to consider where you need lighting and how much lighting you need. For example, a sidewalk needs more concentrated light, and a larger parking lot requires a wide lighting area to ensure safety. This is all determined by the shape and size of the light fixture head. Choosing the right light fixture based on the lighting area you’re considering is a prerequisite for keeping your parking lot safe and reliable.

2. Pole height and quantity

If your parking lot is large, you will naturally need very high light poles. There will be enough coverage to illuminate the entire parking lot in this way. You need a few light poles of eleven to fifteen feet; on the contrary, if it is a small parking lot, the height requirements are not so strict. You can choose several poles that are nine or ten feet tall.
In addition, you will also measure the area of the parking lot to determine the number of light poles. You may ask how to determine the spacing between light poles? Here can provide you with a general standard. If you’re placing lights 15 to 20 feet tall, 20 feet apart is best; if you’re putting lights 30 to 40 feet tall, consider 30 feet apart.

3. Color temperature

What is color temperature? Color temperature can be described as the temperature of the color. It is one of the ways used to describe the appearance of lights. It is measured in Darwin degrees, and the range is between 1000 and 10000. The higher the Kelvin, the cooler the light; the warmer the light with the lower Kelvin.
And what is the best color temperature for parking lot lights? The following are several common color temperature application scenarios.

2500k – A warm light, even a little pinkish, often used as a mood light.
3000k – A warm white light often used in homes.
4000k – It can simulate the lighting effect of the giant sun during the day. This light is ideal for functional lighting such as desk lamps in offices and vanity lamps in bedrooms.
5000k – Much like daylight, you can see things more clearly.
5700k – Bright white light. This light can feel very cold, so it is rarely used in home lighting. It can be applied to parking lot lights.

4. Wattage and lumen

The power of the lamp is the wattage. The bigger the power, the higher the brightness. It is measured in watts.
Lumens describe the brightness of a lamp. When LED lights entered the market, lumens began to be used to measure brightness. Simply put, more lumens means more light.
Compared to other conventional lights, LED lights are more energy-efficient, which means you can get the same effective lumens with less energy. This can save you a lot of money. So when you choose to replace your original HID lights with LED parking lot lights, there are some replacements you need to know about.

60,000 lumens – 1500 watts – 450 watts LEDs
40,000 lumens – 1050 watts – 300 watts LEDs
20,000 lumens – 524 watts – 150 watts LEDs

5. Waterproof

Bad weather is the easiest thing to worry about regarding outdoor parking lots. Therefore, the waterproofness of parking lot lights has become a problem that should be considered. If there is heavy rain, your parking lot light does not have a certain waterproofness. It is easily damaged so that its lighting effect is affected, and the safety of vehicles entering and leaving is threatened. That is a terrifying thing! Choose waterproof LED lights for your parking lot!

Choose the best LED parking lot lights

1. VEGA Series

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VEGA family series is a world-class success. As a kind of high-quality light, it is widely used in urban residential areas, commercial areas, parking lots, highways, etc. In high-temperature conditions, it is UV resistant. After a heavy rainstorm, it can drain rainwater and dirt. It also has reasonable temperature control.

2. LIBRA Series

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In order to satisfy customers’ diverse needs, Kanglight street lights manufacturer is dedicated to bringing new design libra lighting to them. LIBRA Series is used on highways, urban roads, and streets in municipal, commercial areas, residential areas, car parks, motorways, running/biking paths, etc.

3. Pisces Series

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Pisces Series can be applied to any place you can think of, such as commercial areas, residential areas, highways, etc. It also has an excellent temperature-controlled and self-cleaning feature. Without a doubt, it was also a great success.


After reading this article, do you become interested in LED parking lot lights? Indeed, LED lights have many advantages over other traditional lights. LED lights are more energy-efficient and have better lighting performance. And it can save money on your parking lot. In conclusion, choosing outdoor LED parking lot lights can meet your needs very well!
With the advancement of technology, LED lights are widely used on various occasions, such as on streets, highways, parking lots, etc. We look forward to a better future for LED lights.

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