Top 10 LED High Mast Light Manufacturers


When you search for LED high mast lights, you will come across several manufacturers. Make sure you choose among the best LED high mast light manufacturers. The lights are very useful. You might have seen it installed in the outdoor areas. In this article, we will learn about LED high mast light manufacturers.

What is a LED high mast light?


The LED high mast light manufacturers design it in a way that produces full luminance without blocking it from ground obstacles. Also, you fit the LED high mast light on the height from the ground. The lights illuminate the areas at the height of several meters from the ground. You might have noticed people install the high mast light in public places. For example, it is installed for pedestrians and vehicles too. The high mast LED lighting is powerful. In severe weather conditions, it produces powerful lighting with maximum intensity. The manufacturers of LED lighting design these high mast lights because the cost of manufacturing the lights is economical.
Usually, LED high mast light manufacturers produce it in different sizes. The sizes here mean the different heights of the mast. Whatever size of the LED high mast light you require, you can get it. The high mast lighting produces enough light to illuminate the outdoor areas. If you are looking at the LED high mast lighting price list, you will choose the affordable ones. The rates match the quality of the lights they produce.

The list of LED high mast light manufacturers

There are many LED high mast light producers, but we will only discuss the top ten producers.



This is one of the top-rated LED high mast light manufacturers. The quality they use for these lights is the best. If you visit their site, you will see two models for the high mast light. One is HELIOS-L, and the other one is HELIOS-S. Both of the variants are excellent. You can purchase what you require. Also, they have the most power-intensity lights. These lights don’t get fused easily. You can do regular replacements of the lights. That is because they have used high-quality components in the circuit of lighting. Therefore, the components last a long, great time. Hence, it prevents the high mast light from malfunctioning or fusing.
They produce smartly designed high mast lights. The shape of their light is amazing. It works with the latest technology. For the outer body of the light, they use high-quality die-cast aluminum. Hence, it prevents the light from damaging the internal circuit. They use a variant of the lens in HELIOS-L. This variant offers anti-glare technology. Also, high mast light can vary the light intensity over different roads. You can open the light without using any tool. It is designed in a way that it could clean itself because of the self-clean feature. They have the best high mast lights. If you compare this manufacturer with another manufacturer, then this one offers you the most economical rates.

Jiangsu Shixin Landscape Lighting

This company produces different types of lights. They manufacture lights with variable heights. Further, they are designing the lights in a way that people could use in streets and stadiums. They design them beautifully with decorations. You can control the intensity of their light.

OED group limited


If you are looking for a huge variety of high mast lighting, visit them. They have different power ratings for the lights. Their products come with a warranty of 5 years. So for five years at least, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the high mast light. It comes with energy-saving technology.


They designed the high mast light LED with great technology. This one of the LED high mast light manufacturers designs long-lasting lights. They have launched their M series of highly powerful LED high mast flood lights. You will find them working on four angles for luminance. Similarly, you can fix them with different heights. Moreover, you can rotate the entire fixture off the LED light in a 360-degree rotation.

Golon lighting


To get the high mast flood light at wholesale price, then visit this company. They will provide you with so many different designs. Mainly they work designing stadium lights. Also, they produce lights that are safe for the environment. You can rotate the lights in a 270-degree rotation.


They have the perfect solution for LED high mast light. You can use their lights in industries and stadiums. They use components that don’t dissipate too much heat. You can keep them on for thousands of hours, yet it doesn’t require maintenance. You get a variety of angles for the installation of the lights. Moreover, they always use upgrade technology for designing the circuits.

Zenith urban light

This manufacturer produces good quality high mast lighting. Their technology makes them superior to many manufacturers. Also, they have different shapes of poles available along the high mast light. You will find high-quality high mast LED flood lights.

OAK lighting

The high mast LED comes with uniformity in the intensity of light. Further, it has an anti-glare feature, preventing the dazzling effect of the light. It has different color temperatures. Then, it offers you less light pollution. Some of their lights come with stainless steel frames. Hence it adds rigidness to the lights. The lights can then survive longer.

Baode lighting group

Their products meet the international standards of high mast lighting. If you are conscious about quality, then visit them. They have excellent quality lighting. Similarly, their rates are affordable to people. Surprisingly, their lights come with an auto-lifting feature. They have attached a lifter to the pole. With the help of a lifter, you can adjust the position of the high mast LED. With an earthquake prevention feature, lights don’t fall or get damaged. Therefore, it can bear a high velocity of the wind.


This one is another producer of high mast light. If you want fast and efficient lighting solutions, then prefer them. Moreover, you will find their lights in many outdoor places.

Things to consider before purchasing


Well, there are so many types of lights. Selecting the best LED high mast light manufacturers can sometimes take time and effort. To make things easier, you can list down the top brands or manufacturers of these lights. Then list down the qualities or features you want in the lights. Go through the reviews of each manufacturer you have noted down. You will get an idea of their products by checking the reviews and reading the client’s feedback. Similarly, you will have to look for these qualities.

  • Power rating

The LED high mast light should operate with a high power rating. Thus, the more powerful rating it has, the higher intensity of light it produces.

  • Appearance

The high mast light should be designed smartly in shape and size. Keep in mind that even if the LED high mast light is small in size, it should be able to illuminate with high light intensity. Also, some lights are available in a circular shape, rectangular, etc.

  • Temperature

Even if the light has been running for a long time, it should be cool. Like you can bear the temperature of light if you touch it. Otherwise, it means the high mast light is wasting energy in terms of heat.

  • Affordability

Although LED high mast light is a bit more expensive than other street lights, they should still be under one’s budget. Compare the rates of lights from the listed LED high mast light manufacturers.

  • Withstand wind

Sometimes, high-velocity winds could blow down the poles of lights. So make sure the lamp you choose is strong enough to withstand the winds.

Benefits of LED high mast lighting

The LED high mast light is unlike the typical street lights common at outdoor places. The manufacturers produce mounted lights. The luminance intensity of this light is good. It provides coverage of light to huge areas. You can say that a single light would replace many small street lights. The LED high mast light offers extended coverage of luminance. The installation of so many lights along the roadside sometimes makes the area look untidy. Hence, high mast lighting is a perfect solution, or you can say replacement to those lights. Then, the expenditure on purchasing and installing several lights reduces. Then, you can install fewer lights with high coverage.
Further, the installation of the high mast lights is easier. Using the products of Kanglight, then it reduces your maintenance cost. The produced light offers small coverage if you have installed lights close to the ground surface. You already know that people install them in outdoor places. For outdoor spaces, you require lights that offer extensive coverage. Hence, a tall, high mast light could do this job for you. As the light is tall, hence there are very low chances of obstacle collision in the way of light. The LED high mast light manufacturers designed it with material that would resist water and heat.
Moreover, the light doesn’t get damaged by water. One more thing, you will find it in traffic areas. The poles or you can say the mast of the LED high mast light, are tall heighted. It only takes up a little space.


Sometimes it takes work to choose the high LED mast lights. That is because there are so many LED high mast light manufacturers. However, if you list the features you want in a LED high mast light, then it’s easier. Also, choose the lights that come in the best quality.

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