VEGASeries Cobra Head Street Light

VEGA Family

VEGA family series(cobra head led street light) are a world-class success. Cobra head street light is energy saving,high efficiency with high class finishing tailor made for variantapplications such as highways, urban roads and streets inmunicipal, commercial areas, residential areas, car parks, motorways, running/biking paths and more.

UV Resistant

VEGA Luminaries (cobra head led street light) material die-cast and gaskets are resistant to UV radiation of the sun, cobra head led street light can regarding corrosion in any weather conditions. Cobra head street light all hinges and closures are made of stainless steel and are corrosion resistant at external weather conditions.

Dimming option

VEGA cobra head light fixture are offered with integrated DALI or 1-IOV drivers for midnight dimming and control system option.

Tool-Less open & Future-Proof

VEGA Luminaries (cobra head led street light) built for tooless opening with stop handle for easy installation, components replacement, maintenance in sustainable manner and ready for future-proof updates for all components inside the cobra head street light at field conditions.

Electric Safety

VEGA Luminaries cobra head light fixture with knife connector when opening the luminaire electrical power disconnects.

Control System Ready

VEGA Luminaries (cobra head led street light) die-cast are control system ready by for 7-pin NEMA or ZHaga sockets.
*Optional per customer request

Protection Level

VEGA Luminaries (cobra head led street light) IP sealing and effectivness protection rating IP66 for the complete cobra head street light and Impact protection level for the glass certified as IK09.

Cobra head street light


VEGA Luminaries equiped with the most recent and efficiant cobra head street light brands such as Cree, Osram, Philips, Nichia, Seoul to increase higher energy saving and cobra head lighting longer life time.

ENEC Certified

VEGA Luminaries(cobra head street light) are certified by the highest certifications and quality performanc.


VEGA led cobra head lens variant types provides uniform illumination across street with no glare even below the lamp pillars. Our Lens solutions are suitable to carry back Light control to minimize cobra head lighting spill from back of the luminaire in resdential and ecological environments.

Die-Cast & Self Cleaning

VEGA led cobra head body produced from die-casted aluminum structured and designed for easy self-cleaning with special Cooling fins to allow the rain to be drained freely and remove accumulated dust and dirt.

Temprature control

VEGA Luminaries cobra street light equiped by NTC control chip on the PCB, if temprature reached critical level the driver will reduce power until cobra head lighting temperature back to normal.

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Voltage,V 200- 240
Frequency,Hz 50/60


Modle name LEDS Power, W Power factor, PF Max.wind load area, SCd, m2 Installation height (m) Weight (kg)
VEGA1 8 8-17 >0.95 0.1 4 4
16 20-30 6
24 40-60 8
VEGA2 16 30-40 0.15 6 6
32 40-70 8
48 70-120 10
VEGA3 48 110-130 0.22 10 8
64 130-150 12
80 150-180 14
VEGA4 80 180 0.32 12 12
96 200 14
112 250 16
112 300

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Body: Die -Cast ALuminum
Optical system : Anodized Aluminum reflector and PC/PMMA diffuser
Electric: Quick on/off connector when be open.
Finishing : Surface antiageing electrostatic spray processing.
Color temperature : 2200K to 6500K
Ambient Environment : -40°C to +55° C
Control inputs : Electrical DALI, 0-10V, Astro Dim , Step Dim
class : Class I/II
IP rating : IP66
IK rating : IK09
Surge protection : 10KV,10KA
Options : Photocell,NEMA socket, Zhaga
Certification: CE,CB, ENEC,EMC,TM21 ,LM79,IEC -62471


VEGA1 LEDs 8 16 24
Current(mA) 350 520 700 350 520 700 350 520 830
Power(W) 10 13 17 18 27 35 26 40 60
VEGA2 LEDs 16 32 48
Current(mA) 350 520 700 350 520 700 350 520 830
Power(W) 18 27 35 34 50 65 50 75 120
VEGA3 LEDs 48 64 80
Current(mA) 350 520 700 350 520 700 350 520 750
Power(W) 50 75 100 70 100 135 85 130 180
VEGA4 LEDs 80 96 112
Current(mA) 350 520 700 350 520 700 350 520 890
Power(W) 85 130 170 100 150 200 120 180 300

* Led brand can be chosen by customer request* Since lumen differs from led type to ask check for Im79 report availability

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More Details About LED Street Light Sizes

Pole Height Proposition

VEGA1 LEDs 8 16 24
Current(mA) 300-700mA 300-700mA 300-700mA
Power(W) 8-32 24-48 36-60
VEGA2 LEDs 16 32 48
Current(mA) 300-700mA 300-700mA 300-700mA
Power(W) 24-48 48-96 72-120
VEGA3 LEDs 48 64 80
Current(mA) 300-700mA 300-700mA 300-700mA
Power(W) 72-144 100-180 120-180
VEGA4 LEDs 80 96 112
Current(mA) 300-700mA 300-700mA 300-700mA
Power(W) 120-250 144-280 168-300
POLE HEIGHT 4m 6-8m 8-12m 10-16m
VEGA-1 8-30W 40-60W
VEGA-2 30-50W 70W 120W
VEGA-3 100W 120-150W 180W
VEGA-4 150W 200-300W

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Microwave Motion Sensor

Detailed Product Description
Operating Voltage: 120-277Vac, 50/60Hz
HF System: 5.BGHz+75MHz,ISM Wave Band
IP Rating: IP65
Rated Load: 120Vac 4A Electronic/magnetic Ballast
277Vac 3A Electronic/magnetic Ballast
Operation Temperature: -25-55
Function: 2 Step/3 Step Dimming/On Off Function
Mounting Height: 6-15m
Cover Color: Blank Or White
Hold Time: 5s/30s/1 min/3min/5min/1 0min/20min/30min


10m cable with IP66 rated connector offers easy
Installation of the street luminaires.
3 wire cable connector

LED lighting

Surge Protection device

The unique solution for Outdoor lighting systems offering full protection
against high surges in insulation Class 1/I installations, Provides high
surge protection of up to 10KV/10KA for all lighting technologies.

Shorting Cap

Standard: ANSI C136.10-1996


Standard: ANSIC136.10-2010

street light

Nema Socket

Standard: ANSIC136.10

LED street lights

Zhaga Connector

Contacts rating: 1 .5A,30V(24V typical)
Meets 10KV dielectric withstand voltage to mounting surface
4 pole contacts
-pin 1: 24Vdc
-pin 2: DALI (or DALI based protocol) -/common ground
-pin 3: DALI (or DALI based protocol)+
-pin 4: General 1/0






Container size (M) Model Carton size (MM) Quantity per carton (pcs) Quantity per container (pcs) Net per/1pcs weight / kg per container Gross per/1pcs weight / kg per container
20FT Container(5.85*3.23*2.15) VEGA1 550*250*110 1 1400 4 4900 4.5 6300
VEGA2 655*295*175 1 830 6 5063 7 6142
VEGA3 760*370*175 1 565 8 4520 9 5650
VEGA4 890*420X*190 1 400 12 4800 13 5600
40GP Container(11.8*2.13*2.18) VEGA1 550*250*110 1 2900 4 10150 4.5 13050
VEGA2 655*295*175 1 1700 6 10370 7 12580
VEGA3 760*370*175 1 1150 8 9200 9 11500
VEGA4 890*420X*190 1 820 12 9840 13 11480
40HQ Container(11.8*2.13*2.72) VEGA1 550*250*110 1 3400 4 11900 4.5 15300
VEGA2 655*295*175 1 2000 6 12200 7 14800
VEGA3 760*370*175 1 1360 8 10800 9 13600
VEGA4 890*420X*190 1 970 12 11640 13 13580

Can use Cobra Head Street Lights in high speed and residential environments. They are used to illuminate streets, highways, parking lots, sidewalks, and tunnels. The following are examples of where can use cobra head street lights.


Shopping malls cobra head street light

cobra head street light

Road cobra head street light


Bridge Cobra Head Street Light

street light

Residential Cobra Head Street Light

Cobra head street light offers the best return on investment in the long run. Cobra head street light provides superior light quality at higher lumen output while operating at lower power consumption. Over time, this will save your location money in utility costs.
The cobra head street light has a long life span. This is partly because the cobra head led street light produces lighting without heat loss, ensuring a longer life than other lights.
Compared to other solutions on the market, cobra head street light solutions have a better color rendering index and a more diverse color temperature spectrum. These are important for outdoor lighting to help improve visibility at night.
The shape of our LED Cobra headlight is also appealing. The form provides sufficient light diffusion, uniform output, and the ability to project a full spread of light.
Every LED Cobra Head Light on display is manufactured with the highest level of excellence and is a product you can trust. Made in the USA and UL listed, these lighting solutions are regulatory compliant and come in various voltages, wattages, and lumen outputs. We are proud to introduce lighting solutions made from rugged materials with outstanding durability and thoughtful design, such as die-cast metal housings and tempered glass lenses. Discover the incredible power and money-saving capabilities of these superior lighting solutions.

KANGLIGHT is a trusted street light supplier. And as the largest led street lights manufacturer in China, all the sunshine we produce meets international safety certification. We are confident to be your quality partner with decades of experience in manufacturing and exporting cobra head light. Whether it is the delivery time of intelligent street lights or the quality of street lights, we are fully confident that you will be satisfied — Dedicated to be the best led street light company in China