Why Choose LED Lights For Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting?


Effective lighting plays a key role in both indoor and outdoor locations. For outdoor venues, the area to be illuminated is larger, and the safety requirements are higher, so it is vital to choose a suitable lighting solution.
With the popularity of sports, more people appear on basketball courts, soccer fields, and table tennis courts, even at night. Therefore, making sports run smoothly and keeping people safe is necessary when choosing sports field lights. The same is true for outdoor basketball court lighting. You may often see the basketball goal with lights on basketball courts. Everything is for safety. Metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and other traditional lamps have been used for some time, but their drawbacks have gradually emerged. The appearance of LED lights for basketball courts makes everything perfect. Let’s explore what advantages LED basketball court lights can provide for outdoor basketball lighting.

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Which is better for outdoor basketball court lighting, HID or LED?

HID (High Intensity Discharge)

HID lamps produce a powerful light through an arc discharge, combined with inert gas or metal vapor that fills the lamp. The main types of HID lamps are currently high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, and more. They all have similar characteristics. Many people buy HID lamps for lighting plants, roads, squares, and more.


Compared to previous lighting, HID lamps can produce more visible light and provide clear, high-quality illumination.


  • Long preheating time
  • High energy consumption
  • Short lifespan
  • High maintenance costs
  • HID lamp has ultraviolet radiation, harming humans and animals.
  • HID lamps contain toxic element mercury, which is not environmentally friendly.

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor device. It can directly convert electricity into light. LED lights have the advantages of no warm-up period and cooling period, energy-saving, long service life, and no environmental pollution. But the price is higher than the existing lighting equipment. Because of the excellent lighting performance, LED lights are widely loved by people.


  • No warm-up and cooling period, fast switching speed
  • Energy-saving
  • Long lifespan
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly


LED lights are a bit more expensive compared to other traditional lights. You need to know this if you choose outdoor basketball court LED lighting.

LED lights for outdoor basketball court lighting

LED basketball court lights
The outdoor basketball courts with lights undoubtedly provide convenience, but inappropriate sports court lighting is a potential threat to people who play sports. For example, when playing basketball at night, flashing lights can be a very annoying thing. The blinding lights frequently flicker, making it impossible for players to focus and significantly affecting their performance and safety. And, for referees and spectators, uneven lighting leads to a bad viewing experience.

Therefore, choosing a stable and safe basketball court lighting outdoor is crucial.

By comparison, we can find that investing in LED outdoor basketball court lights has a rich return, especially in terms of lighting performance and cost. It is well known that LED lights have a lifespan that can last up to 100,000 hours, which significantly reduces your maintenance costs. It doesn’t stop lighting up all at once but gradually dims, leaving you time to find and replace it. At the same time, the LED basketball court lights have excellent color rendering. The LED court lights emit bright, clear white light, creating a superb lighting environment for outdoor basketball courts. Your worries about glare will not appear, and safety on the court is ensured. When choosing LED outdoor basketball court lights, you choose energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting. With the same lighting effect, it saves more than 75% energy than traditional incandescent lights. In addition, LED lights have no ultraviolet and infrared radiation and are not harmful to humans. It also does not contain toxic mercury elements, very environmentally friendly. Come and choose the best lighting for outdoor basketball court.

What to consider when buying basketball court lights?

outdoor LED flood lights LED flood lights
When you decide to install LED basketball court lights, you need to consider the following things to ensure the best outdoor basketball lighting.

Color temperature

For outdoor basketball court lighting, choosing the right color temperature is vital. The color temperature usually describes the color of the light source. A color temperature of 3000k presents a warm light and is usually used as home lighting. At a color temperature of 4000k, it can be used as functional lighting. When the color temperature reaches 5000k, it is very close to daylight, and you can see a clear, bright white light. This is great for your outdoor basketball court.

Surge protection and IP rating

When choosing LED lights for basketball courts, you should not ignore surge protection and IP rating. Almost all LED fixtures are subject to surge voltage hazards, which can cause damage to the light fixture and thus affect outdoor basketball court lighting. Choose a luminaire with surge protection if you want to avoid such accidents and maintain a suitable circuit. In addition, IP rating is also something you should pay attention to; the higher the IP rating, the higher the protection level. Even in bad weather, LED basketball court lights can be appropriately illuminated. It would be best if you chose IP65.


As we mentioned before, intense glare is very annoying for players, referees, and spectators alike. That significantly affects the safety of the sports court. Therefore, the glare-free feature is a factor that should be considered when choosing outdoor basketball court lighting.


By reading this article, I believe you know the advantages LED lights can provide for outdoor basketball court lighting. If you choose LED basketball court lights, you will not regret it. LED basketball court lights have a good color rendering and long service life. And, you don’t have to worry about environmental pollution at all. In conclusion, safe and energy-efficient LED lights can make your outdoor basketball court a great place to play sports.
You can always contact us if you want to buy LED lights for basketball courts. As a manufacturer of LED lights with extensive experience in China, kanglight can provide you with high-quality LED basketball court flood lights and free outdoor basketball court lighting design according to your needs.

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