Why Is Outdoor LED Flood Light Flashing On And Off?


LED flood light is a type of light people use to illuminate large areas. It comes with a wide-angle beam, which you always mount in high places. With so many advantages, there are some drawbacks to using these flood lights. One of the significant issues you could face is the outdoor led flood light flashing on and off. There might be any issue that is causing such a problem. Replacing the light is not a solution. Therefore, by reading this blog, you will learn the tips to solve this problem. Let’s start with it.

What are the causes of outdoor led flood light flashing on and off?

outdoor led light flashing on and off

You might be curious to know what could make the Floodlights flicker. Below, you will find some causes that might contribute to the problem of blinking led lights.

  • A loosely connected circuit

One of the major causes for the flood light blinking is the loosely connected circuit. Sometimes, you have connected a heavy load to the circuit of flood lights. Also, the circuit could face fluctuation in the voltage. A loose connection or even an old or broken fixture of the flood light results can cause light flickering. However, it is only sometimes the case. Instead, the issue occurs when you have faulty components like switches connected to the circuit. All these issues contribute to the blinking of the light.

  • Poor-quality LED lights

Sometimes, you need to familiarize yourself with the quality of LED floodlights. Thus, know the difference between poor and high-quality bulbs. Similarly, you choose a poor quality light that causes the problem of outdoor led light flashing on and off.

  • Dimmer switch issue

The dimmer is a vital component of the flood light circuit. You will usually find it in the circuit of the floodlights. The purpose of the dimmer switches is to handle the electrical load in the lights. The dimmers also manage the high voltages of the Floodlights. However, if there is an issue with the dimmer, it would cause the flood light blinking effect.

  • Poor quality drivers

The purpose of the driver in a LED light is to provide the Flood light with a balanced power supply. However, if you choose a poor-quality driver, it contributes to the flood light blinking.

  • Voltage ups and down

The LED flood light requires a specific voltage to operate. Sometimes, the Flood light has a series or a parallel connection to other LEDs. You might not know, but a slight fluctuation in the voltage could cause the dimming of the flood lights. Hence, it is responsible for blinking led lights.

  • Dust Trapped in the Flood Lights

As you know, the floodlights are fixed in the outdoor areas. If it has a broken plastic casing, dust eventually gets trapped in them. If it traps the dirt and dust particle, it affects light efficiency. Do you know why? The dirt or dust particles would fall in the way of the electrons carrying the current. This hindrance would undoubtedly cause the flood light blinking effect.

Now let’s jump to a solution to fix these issues of the LED flood lights.

How to fix the flickering effect of the LED flood lights?

flood light flickering

Whenever you can encounter a blinking effect in the LED flood lights, what is the first thought? Many would consider replacing the flickering light with a new LED flood light. It seems a simple solution; however, better ways exist to solve the issue! You should seek more solutions to the flood light flickering problem.
Below, you will find some professional solutions that would help you. The best way is to troubleshoot the problem and come to a conclusion. Troubleshooting would help you reach the real culprit that causes flickering flood lights.

  • Determine the current and voltage of the LED floodlights

As you know, the flickering effect in LED lights mainly occurs due to the change in electrical current and voltage. If the Floodlights sometimes flicker in a while, the reason is a change in the current flow. However, the scenario is different if it is a voltage fluctuation. If more than one LED light connects to the same connection and causes blinking. Then, it is a voltage issue. You could even use a Digital multimeter (DMM) to monitor the voltage and current. You will clearly understand what’s wrong with the electric connection. Further, you could even hire technicians to fix the flood light flashes on and off.

  • Tightening any loose connections

Wear safety gloves and take the ladder up to the flood light. Makes sure you have disconnected it from the power supply. Then, you must remove the light from its holder and check for the connection. If you find any loose wire or any connected loosely connected, fix it. You can use a screwdriver to tighten all the loose screws. Similarly, if you find the fixture of the LED light loose, then fix it too. It would then prevent the led lights strobing problems.

  • Fix the dimmer switches

To fix the issue of dimmer switches, match the compatibility of the LED flood light along the dimmer switch. If both of these match, then well. Otherwise, it causes the problem of an outdoor led light flashing on and off. A suitable rating of dimmer switch would prevent the flickering of the light.

  • Clean the Floodlights

Often dirt and dust find ways to get trapped inside the bulb from its casing. You have to remove the fixture of the flood light. Then, brush off the dust inside with a thin, bristled brush. Or you can use a soft cloth to clean the dirt from the surface. Sometimes, the dirt traps in the components of the LED; hence cleaning it is essential. It would prevent the issue of the flood light blinking.

Is it essential to fix the blinking led lights issue?

led light flashing on and off

Well, the flickering light is always a headache to watch. Similarly, the constant on-and-off triggers your mind, and you get frustrated watching. It gives you eye fatigue too. Another main reason to fix the issue of flood light flickering is security. You could even fall accidentally in low illuminance. Also, the area where you installed the floodlights could have potential theft risks. Therefore, immediately fix such type of issue.


An outdoor led flood light flashing on and off is a significant concern for many. You have to look for ways to fix this issue. Fixing the problems would long last the lights.

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