How Many Watts Does A Street Light Use?


You will find more and more road lighting with LED street lights in it. Indeed, thanks to energy efficiency, long life, high luminous efficiency, and environmental friendliness, road lighting has become more clear, safer, and more reliable. But there are some parameters you should carefully consider when choosing LED lighting. For example, the wattage of the LED street light. Note that it is different from when you bought the traditional lamp. The LED street lamp’s brightness can be three times as bright as the conventional sodium lamp, even though it has the same power. Don’t worry too much! This article will give you some references.

How many watts are street lights?

Without a doubt, LED usage has many benefits. They are extremely energy efficient. LED lights use 75% less energy than conventional light sources. And they’re incredibly durable! So both consumers and businesses have begun to transition to LED. We mentioned earlier that the wattage of LED street lights and high-pressure sodium lamps is different. For example, a 60W LED lamp is equivalent to a 100W-150W traditional high-pressure sodium lamp; a 100W LED street lamp is equal to a 200W-250W high-pressure sodium lamp, and so on. LED street lamps require different power requirements because of the various road lighting. And it is essential to determine the power of LED street lights according to the specific circumstances of application scenarios. The height of the light pole and the width of the road are the main considerations.

What to consider when choosing LED street light wattage?

How many watts is a street light? This is not a definite thing because of different situations. It depends on many factors, such as the street light’s location, the pole’s height, the road’s width, and more.

  • The location of the LED street lights

The purpose of the LED street lamps should be clearly defined before you decide on their power. The location where the LED street lights will be installed should be considered. The main application can be divided into several categories: street lighting in an industrial park, commercial LED street lights, conventional streets, and pedestrian streets. The power of outdoor LED street lights will vary depending on the application.
In addition, it makes a difference whether the LED street lighting is installed in rural or urban areas. Traffic volume is high in the city, combined with the longer lighting time required. This environment has high lighting brightness requirements, so it must be equipped with a high-power source of light. It is different in the countryside. Very few people go out at night. You can get the brightness you need with a bit of light. This is where a light source with low power and a low price is ideal.

  • The light poles’ height

street light
The height of the pole determines the power of the light source. Different street lamp pole height matches different LED street lamp power. The power of an LED street lamp is generally proportional to the height of the lamp pole. Choosing a low-wattage light source for a high street lamp pole can illuminate the ground. But this is not optimal in terms of illumination and brightness. So when customers decide on the power of LED street lamps, it is essential to clarify the height of the lamp pole and assess the actual situation.

The power of LED street light10W15W20W30W40W50W60W80W100-120W
The height of the pole2.5m-3m3m-4m5m-6m6m-7m6m-7m6m-7m7m-8m8m10-12m
  • The width of the road

The width of the road is also something that needs to be investigated in advance. We have just mentioned that the power of an LED street lamp is generally proportional to the height of the lamp pole. And there is a relationship between the road’s width and the light pole’s height. It is crucial to choose the illumination based on the actual width of your road and not only high-powered street lights LED. Choosing an inappropriate power LED street light can make people uncomfortable when passing by.

wattage – light poles’ height – road width
20W – 5m – 6-8m(2 lanes)
20W – 6m – 8-10m(2 lanes)
30W – 6m-7m – 8-10m(2 lanes)
40W – 6m-7m – 8-10m(2 lanes)
50W – 6m-7m – 8-10m(2 lanes)
60W – 7m-8m – 10-15m(3 lanes)
80W – 8m – 10-15m(3 lanes)

  • Lighting time

When deciding on the power of LED street lights, it is vital to consider the time of the lighting. There are some areas that require long-lasting lighting. This is not a good time to choose a lamp with too much power. Because the LED lamp cap’s interior emits more heat. The lighting time is very long, and the heat dissipation will increase. This will severely impact the LED street lamp’s service life.


In short, the right one is the best. The key is choosing a suitable street lamp for outdoor lighting projects. The power of LED street lights should not limit the choice. The correct approach is based on the actual situation. Consider the conditions, such as pole height and road width, and then make a reasonable decision. Once you have made the decision, ensure that street lamps are practical and provide good lighting. If unsure, you can seek the help of reliable LED street light manufacturers. As one of the best Chinese LED street light manufacturers, Kanglight can provide you with high-quality and durable LED street lights outdoor and professional services based on practical specifics. Get in touch with us if you have a requirement.

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