What to Consider When Choosing Parking Lot Lights?

Lamp type

Considering the type of lamp is undoubtedly the most important, which determines color temperature, brightness, visibility, etc. LED lights can meet your needs well; it has high brightness, making your parking lot clear and bright!

Lighting area

An essential factor that should also be considered when choosing parking lights is the lighting area. You need to consider where you need lighting and how much lighting you need. For example, a sidewalk needs more concentrated light, and a larger parking lot requires a wide lighting area to ensure safety. This is all determined by the shape and size of the fixture head. Choosing the right light fixture based on the lighting area you’re considering is a prerequisite for keeping your parking lot safe and reliable.


If your parking lot is large, you will naturally need a very high light pole; only in this way will there be enough coverage to illuminate the entire parking lot. At this time, you need a few light poles of eleven to fifteen feet; on the contrary, if it is a small parking lot, the height requirements are not so strict. You can choose several poles that are nine or ten feet tall.


Bad weather is the easiest thing to worry about regarding outdoor parking lots. Therefore, the waterproofness of parking lot lights has become a problem that should be considered. If there is heavy rain, your parking lot light does not have a certain waterproofness. It is easily damaged so that its lighting effect is affected, and the safety of vehicles entering and leaving is threatened. That is a terrifying thing! Choose waterproof lights for your parking lot!

Energy costs

In order to provide better lighting, the parking lot will use very high wattage lights. According to statistics, the annual electricity cost of a one kilowatt HID lamp is about $520. The larger your parking lot, the cost will naturally increase with it. Such energy cost is enormous.

Maintenance costs

In addition to energy costs, maintenance costs are also necessary expenses. Because parking lot lights are often mounted on poles 15 feet or higher, professional bucket trucks or lifts are required to replace them. General premises do not have this professional equipment, so it is necessary to seek contractors for routine inspection and maintenance. This adds a lot of costs.

Lighting performance

In parking lot lighting, lighting performance is the most critical factor. Depending on the type of HID lights you use in your parking lot, lighting performance will vary. For example, metal halide lamps present white light, and the lighting effect is perfect. But from the time the lamp is installed, the light output decreases rapidly over time. Therefore, the service life of the lamp is greatly reduced. On the contrary, another high pressure sodium has a low color rendering but a long service life.

Lower energy costs

Statistics show LED lights consume 75% less energy than traditional lights. There is no doubt that LED lights relieve a lot of pressure on your parking lot expenses.

led sport light

Lower maintenance costs

Unlike HID lights, LED lights have a long lifespan due to their unique design, which means you don’t have to worry about changing your parking lot lights frequently.

Better lighting performance

Compared to metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium lamps, LED lights have good color rendering, and the light output will not weaken with the increase of time.

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Compared with the traditional parking lot lights, the LED lighting effect is better, reducing the risk and reducing the occurrence of accidents.

Parking lot LED lighting for shopping centers

LED parking lot lighting makes a great impression on people entering and leaving the shopping centers. LED lights have a clear light that maximizes illumination and safety, thereby attracting more people.

Parking lot LED lighting also for airports

Safety and visual comfort are paramount for people traveling to and from the airport in emergency situations. Choose LED lighting is the most correct!