The importance of airport apron lighting

Airport aprons are a very important part of an airport and are often used for parking aircraft before take-off. Aprons are usually paved and are located directly in front of the car park and the terminal building. You can often see it on the runways of busy airports.
An airport is not perfect without apron lighting. It is an essential part of the successful operation of an airport. By having powerful airport apron lights, pilot operations are made easy. In addition, when there is sufficient airport apron lighting, it helps to increase the speed of maneuvers and increases safety. High-quality maintenance is necessary to ensure comfortable visual conditions. One advantage of airport apron lighting is that it is of higher quality than industrial lighting. By installing airport apron lighting, clear delineation can be achieved in a larger space.

Why choose LED flood lights for airport apron lighting?


LED flood lights outdoor are known to be highly efficient and offer significant energy savings. Compared to other types of airport apron lights, LED flood lights can consume up to 60% less with the same guaranteed luminous flux. Efficient LED outdoor flood lights can bring you considerable savings.

Low maintenance costs

Choosing LED flood lighting for large outdoor areas such as airport aprons and runways means changing the concept of maintenance completely. Outdoor LED flood lights are far more durable than you might think. They require very little maintenance. This is because they can last up to 100,000 hours. In other words, you don’t have to worry about frequent replacement of your airport runway lights. For you, the low maintenance costs make LED airport apron lighting a worthwhile investment.

Safer airports

For areas such as airport aprons, runways, and car parks, visibility and safety must be guaranteed. Adequate illumination and perfect visibility ensure that obstacles are detected, and more excellent security is achieved. And LED flood lights are well suited to this need. These lamps have perfect lighting performance and a high color rendering index so that every corner of the airport is clearly illuminated. It is therefore essential to ensure excellent security with high-power outdoor LED flood lights.

Factors to consider when choosing LED airport apron lighting

When choosing LED airport apron lighting, you need to consider several factors to achieve the most suitable investment.

High luminous efficiency

The higher the luminous efficiency of the LED flood light, the brighter it is with the same guaranteed luminous flux. At the same time, the more energy efficient it is. Kanglight LED outdoor lighting supplier can offer you the Vega-F series LED flood lights outdoor. The Vega-F series has efficacy of 135lm/w and CE, CB certification. You can always contact us if you want to purchase LED flood lights with high luminous efficacy.

Lower energy consumption

The cost of lighting is a factor that should never be overlooked for the operation of an entire airport. Therefore, you should consider LED flood lights that reduce energy consumption. Kanglight LED outdoor lighting supplier offers you the energy-saving Vega-F series LED flood lights. You can benefit from a much-reduced electricity bill.

Longer service life

Before buying LED airport lighting, you’d better make sure it has a long lifespan. Longer lighting duration means you can reduce the number of times you have to replace it. In the long run, this will significantly reduce your cost outlay.

High color rendering

It is well known that the higher the color rendering, the closer the light source illuminates the object to its original color. Kanglight offers outdoor LED flood lights that emit light similar to daylight with good color rendering. This means that all corners can be clearly illuminated, maximizing safety at airports and avoiding accidents and injuries.

No warming up

No preheating is also a point you need to pay extra attention to. Ideally, when the airport apron lighting is switched on, all the areas where the lighting is installed are instantly activated, with no preheating. You don’t need to wait a while at all.


Finally, remember to consider the aspect of glare. Many people tend to ignore it, but the requirement for glare-free lighting is essential for airport runway lighting and apron lighting. Low glare or glare-free lighting can significantly reduce the impact on piloting and thus ensure safety.

Products-LED flood lights for airports


Name: LED Flood Light – Vega-F Series
OEM is 100pcs MOQ; ODM 200pcs
8W– 300W for flood lights are available to order.
135lm/w efficacy, CE, CB certified.
For OEM standard RAL9007 White, Grey, and black are also available with a minimum quantity of 100pcs. Other colors are also available according to the customer’s RAL code.
2200-6500K are available upon customer request.
Ambient environment range is from -40°C to +55°
The driver can be 0-10V dimming, DALI, driver upon customer request.
After-sales service: As a professional LED outdoor flood lights supplier, we provide customers with a minimum five years warranty.
Spare parts can be sent from the factory in China.
Our LED flood light Vega-F series has been quite popular in the US, Canada, Australia, France, Netherlands, and other markets. Kanglight works on offering outdoor LED lights to every customer. If you want to buy flood Lights, get in touch with us.

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LED airport lighting for runways, parking lots and roads

In addition to the airport apron, runways, car parks, and access roads also benefit from LED lighting. The airport parking area is the first area of contact for incoming and outgoing passengers. It can be said that the car park lighting largely influences the first impression of the airport for the incoming and outgoing passengers. Therefore, in addition to energy efficiency, LED flood lights for car park lighting must have a high color rendering and high visibility. The same applies to the roads leading to the airport. The best LED flood lights outdoor provide efficient lighting for drivers, illuminating the road ahead to improve traffic and ensure safety. Airport runway lighting also requires perfect visibility and visual comfort. This can help to determine obstacles more accurately and achieve more excellent safety.