What Are The Factors Affecting The Quality Of LED Street Lights?

LED Street Lights

Introduction: LED street lights are becoming more and more common as municipalities and other entities strive to reduce energy consumption. Streetlights are an essential part of any city or town. They allow people to see where they are going and keep them safe at night. According to Chinese LED street light manufacturers, not all streetlights…

How To Design Flood Lighting For A Football Pitch?

football field lighting

Introduction: LED flood lights are very common to use nowadays. These have become excellent replacements for traditional filament bulbs or tube lights. Most of you have seen the high-pitched flood light in the stadiums. Have you wondered what type of light they have been using in it? They use flood lighting. This particular flood light…

How Many Watts Does A Street Light Use?

how many watts does a street light use

Introduction: You will find more and more road lighting with LED street lights in it. Indeed, thanks to energy efficiency, long life, high luminous efficiency, and environmental friendliness, road lighting has become more clear, safer, and more reliable. But there are some parameters you should carefully consider when choosing LED lighting. For example, the wattage…

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