Why Choose LED Lights For Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting?

LED stadium lights

Introduction: Effective lighting plays a key role in both indoor and outdoor locations. For outdoor venues, the area to be illuminated is larger, and the safety requirements are higher, so it is vital to choose a suitable lighting solution. With the popularity of sports, more people appear on basketball courts, soccer fields, and table tennis…

What Are The Applications Of Outdoor LED Flood Lights?

outdoor LED flood lights

Introduction: Lighting plays an irreplaceable role in our lives. With the development of science and technology, different kinds of lights are used in different important places. Flood lights are one of them. As a kind of bright non-natural light, outdoor flood lights are often used in areas with high safety requirements, such as parking lots,…

The Comprehensive Guide To Garden Lighting Design

led garden lights

Introduction: How much do you know about garden lighting? What should you consider when you design garden lighting for the first time? How to choose garden lights? These will be mentioned in this article. Read on if you’re interested! The importance of garden lighting Perfect garden lighting can enrich the content of the courtyard space….

10 Best LED Parking Lot Lights Manufacturers Recommended To You

Kanglight Chinese Led Street Light Manufacturer

Introduction: The choice of outdoor parking lot lights is a big deal for the operation of the parking lot. With the advancement of science and technology, LED is widely used in all aspects of production and life. LED parking lot lights are energy-efficient and reduce maintenance costs. When you choose LED lights for your outdoor…

What Lights are Best for Badminton Court Lighting

badminton court lighting

Badminton, one of the most popular sports we play today. Whether we play indoor or outdoor badminton court, a good badminton court lighting environment will undoubtedly bring a more comfortable feeling to the customers. Kanglight specializes in designing lighting systems for sports court lights. If you are a stadium owner, do you know how to…

A Comprehensive Guide to Basketball Court Lighting Design

outdoor light

We see basketball courts in schools, communities, and sports fields. What is the lighting design of a basketball court? The tall pole LED floodlights used in our basketball courts are suitable for outdoor basketball courts such as backyards, high schools, universities, and parks. Basketball court lighting solutions such as halogen and metal halite lamps have…

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