The Comprehensive Guide To Garden Lighting Design


How much do you know about garden lighting? What should you consider when you design garden lighting for the first time? How to choose garden lights? These will be mentioned in this article. Read on if you’re interested!

The importance of garden lighting

garden lighting
Perfect garden lighting can enrich the content of the courtyard space. At night, designing the perfect garden lighting in a dark environment will better accentuate the key landscape and thus attract people’s attention.
In addition, the garden lighting can decorate the courtyard space art. By choosing different types of garden lights and ingenious combinations, the courtyard garden can be well decorated, and the outdoor space can be beautified.

Common ways of garden lighting

Flood lighting

Flood lighting is the most common lighting method in garden lighting. Simply put, flood lighting is like using a torch to illuminate an object. Although it is simple and crude, it can ensure uniform lighting of all sides of the illuminated object.

Boundary lighting

Boundary lighting refers to highlighting the landscape by producing a strong linear light. Warm or low-brightness lights are often used in boundary lighting.

Focus lighting

This lighting method presents the focal point through the light source and pays attention to highlighting the highlights and shadows through contrast.

Road lighting

Road lighting is also one of the common garden lighting methods. This method can illuminate the passing road and pay attention to the installation distance when using it.

Waterscape lighting

When you design waterscape lighting, you must pay attention to the safety of electricity use and distinguish between point light sources and linear light sources. Point light sources tend to emit more uniformly, while linear light sources can outline the edges.

What to consider when choosing garden lights?

LED garden lights

Types of garden lights

There are various types of garden lights. According to the style, garden lights can be divided into a European style, Chinese style, and more; according to the different light sources, garden lights can be divided into solar garden lights and LED garden lights.
Different types of garden lights will produce different lighting effects. You can choose according to your individual needs and the garden decoration style.
The following is the introduction to solar garden lights and LED garden lights.

  • solar garden lights

As we all know, solar energy is clean energy. Solar garden lights convert solar energy into electricity, reducing air pollution. Solar garden lights use solar energy for lighting, which significantly saves your electricity bills. And solar lights are easy to install, and you don’t have to bear expensive maintenance costs. But when you choose this type of garden lighting, you need to be prepared for severe weather.

  • LED garden lights

LED garden lights are safe and energy-efficient. The LED garden lights have a long service life, and you don’t have to replace them as often. LED garden lights come in many styles and can add a unique look to your courtyard garden. With good lighting performance, LED garden lights have been used in many places and are loved by many people. If you are interested in LED garden lights, you can always contact us(Kanglight, the best LED garden lights manufacturer in China).

Lighting effects

When choosing garden lights, you also need to pay attention to lighting effects. The first thing to think about is that the area of the garden lighting should be more expansive, and the larger the area of illumination, it will be more convenient for people’s daily life.
Secondly, the brightness of the lights should be good, do not choose particularly dazzling. Otherwise, you will feel dizzy in the yard for a long time. Choosing a light source with a warm color is recommended to help create a courtyard atmosphere.

Special locations

When choosing garden lights, the actual environment should also be considered. Some are relatively humid and dark, and some are rather dry and hot. So it depends on the environment. Select the appropriate garden lights.

Light housing material

Housings for garden lights come in different materials, such as aluminum, iron, and steel. Different materials have different characteristics and decorative effects. Steel is strong and durable, and aluminum and iron have good decorative properties in addition to lighting.


When choosing garden lights, people tend to care most about prices. In addition to paying attention to the quality and appearance of garden lights, you also need to consider whether they are reasonably priced.
Try to avoid cheap bulbs as they can be of poor quality, leading to frequent power leaks or failure after two days of use, ultimately adding to the cost.


Garden lights will reflect the owner’s taste, so be sure to choose the ones with exquisite appearance. When the garden lights have enough decorative effect, the environment will be more elegant and beautiful.

The ideas for garden lights

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Here are some garden lighting ideas that hopefully will help you when choosing outdoor garden lights.

1. When choosing garden lights, you should unify the style.

Since everyone’s preferences are different, you should pay attention to the style when buying garden lights and choose the ones that match the garden decoration style to achieve the overall effect and beauty. If you mix and match at random, it may make people feel out of place, thus affecting the effect of courtyard decoration.

2. You should choose a warm and comfortable light source.

Choosing a warm and comfortable light source is also an important aspect to consider. At night, when the temperature is not high, the warm light source brings convenience to people’s night activities and makes people feel comfortable and warm.

3. Choose garden lights that are easy to install and maintain.

For more comfort and convenience, it is recommended that you choose a type of light that is easy to install and maintain. You can install and maintain it yourself in life, which reduces maintenance costs. LED lights have good lighting performance and have a long service life. This can greatly save your maintenance costs. The LED garden lights are your best choice when you design garden lighting.

4. You need to consider the power supply method.

The garden lights can be divided into two types according to the power supply method: one is the common power supply method, which needs to be connected with wires for lighting, which is more troublesome; the other is the currently more popular lighting method, which uses solar energy as the power supply, which is more convenient.

5. It is recommended that you choose garden lights with a higher lightning protection factor.

The garden lights are installed outdoors, and there is often rainy weather. It is recommended that you choose lights with a higher lightning protection factor.
In addition to extending the service life, such lamps are also a safety precaution because once the garden lights encounter lightning, it is easily damaged and may even cause a fire.

6. You’d better choose the garden lights with better sun protection and frost protection.

Whether summer or winter, garden lights are placed outdoors all year round. It is recommended to choose lights for the garden with better sunscreen and frost protection. So that they can withstand the sun exposure in summer and the severe cold in winter, making family life more convenient.

Some reminders when designing garden lighting

led garden lights
I believe you already have your own understanding of garden lighting through the above introduction. In fact, you can design garden lighting according to your individual needs, as long as it doesn’t violate the lighting rules. What follows are some reminders of garden lighting.

The lights should not be too much.

Many people may think that more lights are better. On the contrary, too much lighting can make the work process cluttered and challenging to operate. And when you design garden lighting, using too many lights can clutter the entire space and lose the role of garden lighting itself. Lighting design doesn’t have to be overly complicated, and it should be simple and elegant. Neatness, harmony, and relative simplicity reap the beauty of unity.

Design garden lighting in layers

Lighting should reflect the light and dark distribution of the scene, it must be hierarchical, and all lights must not be treated uniformly.

“Exclude” and “Include” of lighting.

When designing garden lighting, you should consider the “exclude” and “include” of the lighting to determine whether the lighting will illuminate or project an object.

From whole to part, from simple to complex.

From whole to part, from simple to complex, the lighting for different occasions is also different. Don’t blindly layout lights, but follow specific rules. You can list a garden lighting plan. First, the entire space is planned, and then the lighting design is carried out from the whole to the local and sub-area.


This article introduces knowledge about garden lighting. You will find that garden lights with good performance are also important in addition to a reasonable lighting layout. As a professional LED garden lights manufacturer, Kanglight will provide you with many types of safe and energy-saving LED garden lights. If you are interested in LED garden lights or want to buy LED garden lights, you can always contact us.

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