How To Install Flood Lights?


How to install flood lights? It is something you should learn from scratch. You would know the significance of the lights, but installing them can trouble you. Most of the time, you have to install the lights in the outdoor areas. Hence, to learn about its installation, you shall begin the blog.

How to install flood lights- The process

Often, if you hire professionals to fix the lights, they charge you high. That’s why you shall learn the procedure and become a pro. So, let’s start.

  • Follow the safety rules first

Whenever you are working with electricity, you must follow preventive measures. Similarly, wear gloves to prevent yourself from getting an electrical shock. Other than that, use rubber boots for the same purpose.

  • Cut the power supply

The next step towards flood light installation is to cut the electrical supply. You can turn off the main breaking connecting to the switch of flood lights. Usually, a fuse box is installed that includes the breaker you must turn off. Also, make sure the breaker doesn’t trip due to accidental turning off of electricity. Hence, ensure no power or current flows through the electrical connection.

  • Select the location for the flood lights

flood light installation

You shall select a proper location where you want to install the lights. Usually, the floodlight installation takes place in outdoor areas. Hence, choose a spot that can cause great illuminance to the surroundings. Garages, parks, and main gateways are perfect spots for flood lights. You can use a high mast to help you increase the light.
After selecting the right spot, you shall take your drill machine and cut a large hole. The hole shall be enough to fit in the electrical box.

  • Establish power connection

How to install flood lights? The next step in this query is to install the power switch. Look for the perfect place where installation is possible. Now, cut a hole for the connection. Insert the wire in the box. Well, you can come across two types of connections for the floodlights. One connection includes the direct connecting wire to any nearby plug. Similarly, the other connection consists of a direct connection to a breaker switch.

You can take out the outlet in the electrical box for the first connection already. Then, unscrew its outer cover and take out the outlet. Remove the new connecting wire inside the wall until it reaches the outlet. Afterward, make a connection by connecting a black wire to the black wire from the outlet. Then, repeat the same process for the white wires. Also, connect with the ground wire and reinstall at the plug outlet.

The other option is to use the breaker box for the wire connection. For this, you shall thread the wire first. Then insert it through the breaker. Afterward, you have to make a connection of its black wire with the screw of the breaker. Next, you shall fix the green and white wires with the metal bar of the breaker. You have to tighten the connection.

  • Installation of the floodlights

After you are good to go with the connections through the wires, you can begin with the next steps. How to install floodlights? It results in connecting the floodlights now. Therefore, you shall take the electrical wire across the breaker box. Afterward, you can connect the corresponding color wires to establish a proper connection. Lastly, mount the floodlight over the breaker box with the help of specialized tools.

  • Establishing the connection for the light switch

The process of installing floodlights comes to an end now. If you have followed the above steps properly, then it is the final step. You shall grab a screwdriver and place a screw over the black wire from the power source. You will find this connection below the flood light’s power switch. Now, carefully place the black wire coming from the light over the top face of the screw. In addition, you shall connect the uncovered copper wire to the screw in green. Then, place the light switch back in the electrical box. This step is for tightening loose screws to ensure a complete circuit.

  • Adjust the floodlight angle

install flood lights

Installing the lights could be a challenge. However, after you have completed the connections, you can move to its setting. Angle adjustment is a crucial factor that you have to look into. Move the head of the lights to the exact face you want it to direct its illuminance.

  • Fix the fixture of the light

floodlight installation

The simplest step after floodlight installation is to mount its fixture properly. You can fix it with the screws to make it stay firm. Otherwise, the strong pressure of the wind could displace the light and damage it.

  • Power on the light

When the connection is established, you can turn on the breaker you previously turned off. Carefully, with gloves, you can turn on the breaker. The light would start to turn on. However, the connection is wrong if it doesn’t produce a static beam and continuously blinks. You have to then re-do its connections. But before that, test run the wires for voltage and current using the mustimeter. It will provide you with evidence of where you lack a strong connection.

Where can you install the floodlights?

After learning the flood light installation process, you can look at the areas where you can install these. Usually, the lights go well to illuminate areas like porches, parking areas, backyards, sports grounds, etc. Similarly, you can install them both in residential and commercial areas.

  • Industrial areas

Industries, where the workload is maximum require a high level of illuminance. Therefore, flood lights are a great choice for industrial units. Flood light installation can create convenience for you to use them.

  • Architectural buildings

To enhance the outlook of monuments, you should look forward to using flood lights. Similarly, installing outdoor floodlights magnifies the worth of such buildings and creates an aesthetic look.


How to install flood lights? It involves a series of complex to simple steps. Hence, you shall be very careful when working with wires. Also, follow the safety protocols before handing over the wires and power supply. You can easily install them if you follow the proper procedure.

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