How to Choose a Perfect Outdoor Flood Light? A Buyer’s Guide.

Outdoor led flood lights technology, unlike a few years ago, is now a clear choice for anyone acquiring street lighting for open realm. Finding the ideal street light, on the other hand, is far from straightforward.
Here’s the problem.
Before the advent of outdoor led flood lights, contractors and designers had a choice of 3 to 5 different street luminaries. There are millions of possibilities available now, and the number continues to rise as technology and providers advance. At about the same time, the majority of external lighting is used in public areas, and it is frequently at the centre of debates over safety, sustainability, and environmental issues.
The goal for anyone purchasing outdoor flood light is to discover an energy-saving, long-lasting product.
a long-term solution that provides security and appeal But, with so many options, how can you choose the best one? The solution is given below.

What is an outdoor flood light?

Outside flood lights are a critical component in ensuring safety against accidents and non-social elements. Garden flood lights have been linked to feelings of happiness and a reduction in accidents.
A light-emitting diode (LED) street light is a device that emits light and is used for outdoor LED illumination. Outdoor flood lights are primarily made up of a capacitor, resistor, and, in certain cases, a triode tube and a MOS tube, as well as the fundamental composition, resulting in a large number of components. Apart from the aforementioned, It is more environmentally friendly because it does not contain thimerosal, which is harmful to both the environment and our health.

Furthermore, outdoor flood light is safer. It is in a lower stage in which it can act to maintain stability. In addition, outdoor flood lights provide a superior visual experience. It also has a longer life expectancy of roughly 80,000 hours. It uses less energy and produces more radiant light with a high luminous efficiency.

Why choose outdoor flood light?

a.Long life span

Many garden flood lights retrofits are guaranteed to save a large amount of electricity.

b.Energy consumption is low

Outdoor flood lights are expected to last 10 to 15 years, which is two to four times longer than current HPS street lights. When used in practice, the less times LEDs need to be serviced or supported means lower maintenance costs.

c.RoHS conformity:

Outdoor led flood lights do not contain mercury or lead, and if broken, do not emit toxic gases.

d.Fast restart:

Unlike mercury vapors, metal halide, and sodium vapors lights (which are commonly used in street lighting), outdoor led flood lights do not have a problem restarting after a power outage.

e.Quick on/off switch:

Unlike fluorescent and high-power release (HID) lights, such as mercury vapors, metal halide, and sodium vapors lights, which take time to warm up after being switched on, LEDs begin to shine immediately.

f.More accurate color rendition:

In comparison to a flawless light source, the shading rendering record is the ability of a light source to properly copy the hues of the articles. Drivers can see objects more easily because to improved colour rendering.

g.Diminished glare:

The quantity of light directed to the driver’s eye is reduced by directing the light downward onto the roadway.

h.Night-time insects are attracted:

To strong light emitted by a variety of traditional light sources, which is less appealing to them.

i.Optically productive lighting hardware:

Other types of street lights use a reflector to catch the light that is emitted above. Even in ideal conditions, the reflector absorbs light.
Similarly, a portion of the light thrown down by the reflector is retained by the bulb in fluorescent lights and other lights with phosphor coated globules. LED lights, on the other hand, can deliver light in the correct direction without the use of a reflector.

j.Even at low temperatures, higher light yield:

While fluorescent lights are energy-efficient, they have a lower light output in colder temperatures. With outdoor flood lights, this is not the case.

street light
Cobra head street light

What factors you should consider while buying outdoor flood light?

Do you intend to import outdoor flood light fixtures? The following are the most important variables to consider:

Power Source: Technology and Security

Outdoor flood light fixtures is provided by street lights. As a result, the electricity situation is extremely serious, particularly in India. During the rainy season, the power supply must contend with the worst power circumstances, such as lightning strikes. There is no need for additional surge protection in indoor lighting. Outdoor power supplies, on the other hand, must have robust surge protection and high voltage protection; otherwise they may fail at any time. The following are the qualities of a good power supply.

2 Phase or 420 VAC protections (Recommended for Indian power conditions).
Surge protection of at least 4kV is required.
Surge protection on the ground connection.
Without detaching the power supply from the pole, it can be replaced on the spot.
It is necessary to isolate the power supply.

High-Quality The body of an LED streetlight must have the following characteristics:

Minimum 4mm Toughen Glass IP65 Pure Polyester based powder coating that can withstand sunlight and outdoor weather Waterproofing
Rigid For weather protection, such as high wind or rain, a heavy metal body is used.
For a longer life of the outside body, a power coating or another excellent paint is required.
Screws and other minor parts made of stainless steel
Rust-resistant aluminum body with a chemical treatment

Other significant elements to consider when purchasing a high-quality outdoor flood light

A lens or other structure asymmetrically distributes light. (On the road side, it will provide more light, whereas on the opposite side, it will produce less.)
The height of the pole should be determined by the wattage rating of the streetlight.
Below 12 feet, less than 15 watts

15-30 watts at 12-15 feet
30 to 50 watts at 15-20 feet

Consider the following factors when determining the wattage of streetlights and the height of the pole:

Above 20 feet – 50 watts
Road width Distance between poles
a prerequisite for safety
Rural, town, or metropolis as a location for installation
How much traffic is there? Is it for public or private use


Many variables must be considered while selecting a proper outdoor flood light fixtures. Outdoor flood light also necessitates a significant financial investment. This means that you must be extremely cautious with each step you take to avoid making a mistake.

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