Types of Commercial Outdoor Lighting

The correct use of commercial outdoor lighting can improve the atmosphere of the surrounding environment. At the same time, commercial outdoor lighting can increase safety when walking around at night. How to get the best landscape lighting? Would you please select the most suitable commercial outdoor lighting according to their characteristics and different external characteristics combined with various lamps and lighting types? Next, I will introduce you to several types of commercial outdoor lighting.

Kanglight Cobra head led street light

In commercial outdoor lighting, the sales of this cobra headlight are the best. With the continuous development of commercial outdoor lighting, significant progress can make in the lamp’s energy saving and high efficiency. We often see cobra headlights in other public areas such as highways, underground parking lots, etc.
As commercial outdoor lighting, its corrosion resistance is critical. This is directly related to the service life of commercial outdoor lighting. The cobra head street lamp material is stainless steel that can resist the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Cobra head street lights can resist corrosion in any weather conditions. And not only is the surface of the cobra headlamp made of stainless steel. Its small internal structures are also made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel materials. So this commercial outdoor lighting has an anti-corrosion function regardless of weather conditions.
The cobra headlight can prevent water or dust in bad weather from affecting the service life of the cobra headlight.
The body of the VEGA-led cobra head is made of die-cast aluminum. This is a leading street lamp design. This structure and layout are easy to self-clean, thus reducing many labor costs. Commercial outdoor lighting also comes with a unique heat sink, so you don’t have to worry about fires caused by high temperatures. At the same time, when it rains, the rainwater can also remove the accumulated dust and dirt.

LIBRA High-efficiency roadway light

This series of commercial outdoor lighting has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response speed, and high color rendering index. It is of great significance to urban energy-saving lighting.
This LED mold light distribution lens, the diffuser, is made of ultra-white sapphire glass. And it is small in size and light in weight. The lamp holder of commercial outdoor lighting adopts epoxy resin encapsulation. This can protect the internal chip and also can condense and transmit light. Its service life is between 50000-100000 hours.
The light decay of commercial outdoor lighting is minor, less than 3% a year. Therefore, compared with the high-pressure sodium lamp, the high-pressure sodium lamp attenuation is more significant, and it will drop by more than 30% in about a year. Therefore, the design of LIBRA High-efficiency roadway light can be much lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp.
At present, the lowest response time of LIBRA High-efficiency roadway light has reached 1 microsecond, and most of them are usually several milliseconds. Its response time is approximately 1/100 of that of ordinary light sources. In addition, LED street lights are of high quality and no radiation. It is a typical green lighting source, which is reliable and durable and has low maintenance costs.

Pisces Series LED Street Lights

The most significant advantage of this commercial outdoor lighting is energy saving. It has an automatic control energy-saving device, which can meet the lighting requirements at different times. At the same time, reduce the power as much as possible to save energy. Pisces Series commercial outdoor lighting is commonly used in areas such as highways and urban streets. There are many models of this commercial outdoor lighting. You can choose the right one according to your needs. Using this feature, you can also achieve computer dimming, time-segment control, light control, temperature control, and other functions.
The surface of commercial outdoor lighting is treated with anti-aging electrostatic spraying. This can maximize the life of the street lamp. The ambient temperature range that this commercial outdoor lighting can withstand is -40°C to +55°C. But the best ambient temperature is between -25°C and +50°C. So can use it in a daily environment. The length of the light pole recommend to 6-15m, and its lighting function can better play within this range.

Canopy Lighting

Canopy lighting fixtures are designed to be installed at the bottom of an outdoor canopy. A certain number of canopy lights usually install in one place. Its light source is relatively weak and cannot use for long-distance illumination. So it is suitable for installation on some hotels or parking roofs. Perform small-scale lighting. They are also resistant to vibration because they are ideal for use in public areas with heavy traffic.
The canopy lighting device is installed under the outdoor canopy of gas stations, restaurants, etc. They are suitable for outdoor use because they are not affected by rain and are resistant to vibration. The most significant advantage of this commercial outdoor lighting is that it can well illuminate a small area.

Recessed Troffer Light

This recessed light trough is suitable for installation on the ceiling or the top of the room. It can illuminate the grooves on the house to create the atmosphere of the room. And can add extraordinary creativity to the entire room.


Wall-mounted luminaires are lighting luminaires directly installed on the wall or vertical surface without the need for a light pole. So you can use it as your commercial, industrial or residential lamps need new current/voltage regulation or emergency backup power. This commercial outdoor lighting is more flexible and easy to install in a vast playground or a place with many people. It can use as both a lighting lamp and a monitoring lamp. Because the beam of this commercial outdoor lighting can focus downwards, small areas can see better. So it is more suitable for small area lighting, not ideal for ample area lighting.
The wall-mounted lamp also has shatter-resistant glass, which helps protect the lamp from lousy weather. In addition, these lights would equip with photocells and motion detectors to help control the lighting.

LED Warehouse Lighting

This is commercial outdoor lighting specially designed to meet warehouse lighting. This type of commercial outdoor lighting can satisfy warehouse work and provide enough light.
Commercial outdoor lighting can be a good substitute for metal halide bulbs. At the same time, this commercial outdoor lighting has multiple powers and can generate more light while consuming less power.
outdoor light

Landscape light

Landscape lights are also a kind of commercial outdoor lighting. It includes Hooded Low Voltage Bronze. High Textured Black LED Landscape Path Light and many other types. Landscape lights do use in various grasslands or large-scale event venues and scenic spots. The most prominent feature of this type of lamp is that it can beautify the surrounding environment and soften the light in the scenic area.
Scenic solar floodlights are suitable can place them closer to the ground. Just fix the ground where direct light can illuminate the solar panels. So it can charge automatically. And solar-powered LED lights adopt a simple modern design, which can provide long-lasting, energy-saving lighting.

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