The Most Complete Knowledge on Cobra Head Street Light

When it is about the street light, then we always have multiple options for that. It makes us feel stressed and confused in choosing the best one. Today, here we are going to discuss all such street light options including all about the cobra head street lights. So, just have a look at the information below:

What are LED cobra head street lights?

Cobra head street lights are such lights options, which can help you in fulfilling all your lighting needs and you can also find out a huge inventory of all such light options.
When you are choosing these LED light options, then you do not need to get worried about your lighting expectations. They are the ideal lighting options, which can be easily installed at the areas including roadways, sideways, even at the residential and commercial areas. They offer superior lighting options and they have all the best performance. While talking about the cost of the LED cobra head lights, then they are completely budget-friendly. As compared to the other lights options, these are the best cobra head lighting that offer brighter lights. They all offer 100,000 hours of illumination and use very low electricity consumption.

Why do you need to choose LED cobra head street light?

After understanding all about the LED cobra head street lights, you need to understand why you must need to opt for the LED cobra lights, and here are some of the major reasons behind it.

The best return of investment

According to the latest studies, it has been proved that LED cobra head street lights are the best return on investment. They always offer a superior quality of lights as compared to the other lights options. They always offer a lower wattage of energy. These light options will not only beneficial in saving electricity, but it is beneficial in money too.


The cobra head led street light options last for a longer time, there will be no heat loss in these options of lights as it can be there in the other options available for the cobra head light fixture. It offers a longer life span to all those, who are seeking the best and long-lasting options of lights.

Amazing color rendering

It all offers a better coloring rendering index and there is always a diverse color temperature spectrum available with the cobra head street lights. It is all available in multiple color options and white and yellow color options. Both of the colors offer better visibility during the nighttime.

Best choice for saving electricity

Besides being beneficial in saving electricity, it is the only option of lights which is having very attractive. It makes people all across the residential and commercial sector choose this cobra head lighting option to make their great.


When you are looking for the more affordable options for the street lights, then nothing can be better as compared t the cobra headlights. It is all available in multiple sizes and shapes, which makes it the best option of lights to choose from. It is all available in multiple variations which always ensure the customers to meet all their expectations related to the lighting.

Smaller Size

As compared to the other option of led street lights, the cobra head street lights are small in size. The sensitive LED chip is exemplified in a straightforward epoxy sap, so the LED light is minuscule. Along these lines, the nature of the Cobra streetlight is little and extremely light, which can save a ton of materials and space in the creation and application.
What’s more, the cobra head street lamp is little in size, and every unit LED chip is 3~5mm square or round. In this manner, it is additionally appropriate for getting ready gadgets with complex trim cycles. For instance, the production of delicate, bendable light cylinders, light strips, and unique molded lights, presently just LEDs are reasonable.

Safe to use

These days, people always choose safe lighting options and cobra headlights are the safest light options to choose. It all uses a DC power supply, which is safe as compared to the other lights options. It means that it is the best option to choose for the public areas.

Available in great colors

While talking about the colors options, then cobra street lights are available in multiple colors. It is having a surface with colored flakes and the color richness is limited within this option of street lights. They are the ones, which can be controlled easily with the help of digital technology.

Offers less heat Dissipation

LED lights are the more advanced option of lights as compared to the other option of lights. It makes them the best option to choose at high-end cosmetic shops, jewelry, cultural relics, and other areas. These are the options of lights, which is completely environment friendly. So, when you are worried about the environment, then you should choose cobra head street lights.

Made with the light material

The cobra street lights are the lights options, which are made with the light material. It is having electroluminescent material, which is the thing that makes this option of light great.

How to choose a perfect cobra head street light?

After understanding all the way to use the cobra head street light, you must choose how to choose a perfect cobra head light fixture. Here we are going to share the things, which will ease your selection of the cobra head street light.

  • The led cobra head lights are different in terms of their brightness and price. Price is the major thing that you should notice before choosing any option of cobra light. Make sure that the cobra led street light that you are choosing must meet all the lighting needs.
  • After that, you must need to check for the static resistance of the cobra street lights that you are choosing. As if you will choose lights with higher resistance will last long for more time. In other words, the option of the cobra led street lights offers a static resistance of more than 700 volts.
  • Besides this, there are many manufacturers of cobra street lights and you must check for the manufacturer and check yours one must be the reputed one.
  • After this, the luminous angles of the cobra head led street light also vary. When you are choosing lights with a low angle, then they must need to be placed in a higher position, but choosing such lights option can be expensive for you.
  • When you are choosing lights with the same wavelength, then you will notice that they will offer you the same light color. If you require lights with the same color, then you should opt for the lights with a higher wavelength.
  • The prices for the street cobra lights different from the chip that a particular cobra head street light is available. While you are choosing Chips from Japan and USA, then you will need to pay more for this. Whereas choosing a chip from Taiwan, then you need to pay very little on it.


At last, we hope that you have cleared with all about the cobra head street lights and we believe that after reading the above post, you can easily install all your favorite cobra head street lights in your area. So, choose them today!

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