The Knowledge You Need To Know About Golf Course Lighting


As the game of golf becomes more and more well known, more and more people are entering the golf course. Therefore, golf course lighting becomes especially important for players and spectators at night. A perfect golf course lighting at night is not easy to accomplish; there are many factors that must be considered. If you want to light up the golf course, efficient and durable LED lighting is what you need to explore. If you want to learn more about golf course lighting, start reading now!

The golf course lighting standards

golf course lighting

For a golf course, adequate and even lighting is critical. Golf courses are extensive in size. So it is essential to consider not only the light level of the golfer walking and the light level of the ball falling on the grass, but also the main thing is to make the course about the upper space of the field as uniform as possible. In other words, you’d better use floodlighting. You can choose to use one or larger areas of the light source or from multiple directions of the small light source so that the lighting is soft to meet the visual requirements of the ball player. In addition, to ensure that every area of the golf course is illuminated, high-powered LED lights are best. For some professional tournaments, illumination levels of 800 to 1200 lux are generally required to provide sufficient brightness throughout the golf course. Golfers and spectators can clearly see the trajectory of the golf ball. The driving range design specifications also include requirements for lighting standards. Generally, 200 to 300 lux is appropriate. You can add LED outdoor floodlights to achieve a better lighting effect.
The lighting requirements for tees, fairways, and greens are different on a golf course.


For each hole, the tee is the primary area. In order for the golfer to hit the ball accurately and smoothly, a horizontal illumination of 100 to 150 lux is generally required. In addition, it is worth mentioning that in order to improve the lighting effect, you can use high pole lighting.


The fairway is designed according to the terrain, and its width is not constant. The fairway should have sufficient vertical illumination. In order to ensure that the ball from the tee can be tracked, the horizontal illumination of the fairway is required to reach 80 to 100 lux, and the vertical illumination is needed to reach 100 to 150 lux.


The horizontal illumination of the green is very demanding, generally requiring 200 to 250 lux, and the ratio of maximum horizontal illumination to minimum horizontal illumination is not greater than 3:1. In addition, to ensure that golfers can putt from all directions to the hole without obstruction, lighting in more than two directions is a good solution.

Things to consider when you design golf course lighting

Luminous efficiency and lumens

Without a doubt, the most important thing when you design golf course lighting is luminous efficiency. One measure of luminous efficiency is how many lumens of luminous flux can be emitted per watt of electrical power. Incandescent lamps are about 10 lumens per watt, and a good white LED lamp should be able to reach 200 lumens or more. In addition, LED lamps consume about 10% of the energy of incandescent lamps and 50% of fluorescent lamps. Therefore, LED lights are the best choice compared to other types of lights.

Color temperature

We often mention the color temperature in another stadium lighting. In golf course lighting, color temperature is also one of the factors that should be considered. For professional golf course lighting, a color temperature of 5000k is an excellent choice. When the color temperature is adjusted to 5000k, it will present a clear white light that is very close to daylight. For the players, the smoothness and safety of the match can be guaranteed. For the spectators, it feels like daylight and is an excellent viewing experience. Of course, if you have a casual golf course, you can choose warm lighting. You can choose a color temperature in the range of 2500 to 3000k. This kind of lighting will make people very comfortable and will not feel harsh.


There is no doubt that flicker-free is an essential point in the golf course lighting requirements. In professional tournaments, cameras are often used to record the movement of golf balls. Golf ball movement is swift. In order to make the camera can smoothly capture the trajectory of the whole game, it is necessary to use flicker-free lighting. In addition, slow-motion shooting is a common way of shooting in the game. Flicker-free lighting can present some exciting shots in their entirety.


As with any other type of game on a sports field, glare on a golf course can be very annoying and dangerous. You can’t want intense glare to distract golfers from their game. So when designing your golf course lighting, don’t forget about the glare protection requirements.

Water and lightning protection

Outdoor golf courses are inevitably subject to inclement weather. After several days of continuous heavy rain, you worry that your golf course lights won’t work. That would be too late. So when choosing golf course lighting, you should consider the IP rating. You can choose IP66 or IP67. Of course, the higher the IP rating, the more rain it can withstand. You can choose according to the weather conditions in your area. It is also necessary to choose golf course lighting that has lightning protection. Durable fixtures can withstand lightning and ensure long-lasting illumination.

Why choose LED lights for golf course lighting?

LED flood lights

As we mentioned earlier, the luminous efficiency of LED lights is better than incandescent and fluorescent lamps, and they consume less energy. In other words, LED lights are suitable to light up golf courses. LED lights have a good performance in golf course night lighting. This idea will be described in detail below.

Longer service life

If you choose LED lighting, that means you don’t have to worry about replacement and labor costs. That’s because LED lights have a longer lifespan. Traditional lighting converts most of the electricity into heat, which is inefficient and wastes energy. High efficiency makes LED lights have a long service life.

Low energy consumption and low cost

In addition to the long service life, another advantage of LED lighting is its low energy consumption. LED lights have high energy efficiency during operation compared to other lighting solutions. After purchasing LED lights, you will find that your electricity bill is greatly reduced. This is a significant cost saving for the operation of the entire golf course.

Perfect safety

It can be said that all lighting is for safety. LED lights can do this very well. LED lighting greatly enhances the visibility of golf course with lights. The perfect light can cover any corner, which greatly enhances safety.

The best LED flood lights for golf course lighting

Outdoor LED flood lights have all the benefits of LED lighting. For example, long life, low maintenance costs, energy efficiency, environmentally friendly, excellent safety, etc. In addition, LED outdoor flood lights have their own advantages. Flood lights are available in different beam angles, like narrow beam, medium wide beam, and wide beam. You can distribute different lights by adjusting the irradiation range to achieve the perfect lighting for different golf course areas. Compared to other types of lights, LED flood lights outdoor can illuminate every corner evenly with clear white light, similar to natural light, with a very high color rendering index.

Vega-F series

LED flood lightsLED flood lights

Kanglight is a professional and experienced supplier of outdoor LED flood lights. We can provide you with the Vega-F series of LED floodlights. This series is energy-saving and has good light efficiency. And it is available in different beam angles, like a narrow beam, medium wide beam, and wide beam. You can distribute different lights by adjusting the irradiation range to achieve the perfect lighting for different golf course areas. Due to the excellent lighting performance and user-friendly structure design, the Vega-F series is very popular in many countries such as the USA. We also provide you with perfect after-sales service. If you choose us, we will provide you with at least five years of warranty service.


After reading this article, do you know how to light up golf ranges? In fact, there is no fixed standard for golf course lighting, and you should design according to the actual site. In addition, you should choose the golf lights with high efficiency. The best golf course lights not only can present a perfect light effect but also should be environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
You can always talk to us if interested in the golf course or other stadium lighting. Also, if you have any needs for outdoor LED flood lights, you can contact us by sending us an email.

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